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    Saturday, 21 December 2013

    Google algorithm updates and effects on SEO

    Google has been viewed as aggressive in the introduction of algorithm updates. Many SEO marketers believe that these updates have adversely affected the volume of web traffic, conversion rate and SERP positions. Few marketers were able to repair things very quickly by addressing the black hat SEO tactics that Google was cracking but then placed in similar position later when a new update was introduced.

    There is only one effective measure to address this issue and it is “content generation”.

    Start generating high quality, original and healthy volume of content. It is a proven tactics that Google and other search engines have told internet marketers to do in order to retain their positions in the search results.

    Since the release of Panda and Penguin, Google has introduced a new algorithm known as Humming bird that is designed to put little emphasis on keywords and more stress on the context of user’s search.

    Content creation is the life blood and key focus that inbound marketers teach constantly and spend great time on. The growth in traffic and lead conversions have helped in understanding that value of content creation. This is highly preferred method to improving organic search results and since google is giving hints time and again over this, you need to consider it seriously for surviving the rigorous releases of Google algorithm updates.

    Inbound Marketing is a safe strategy

    Blogging is viewed as a feasible option to curb the threats of google updates. It is important that your content should be fresh and is updated regularly to engage people in a much better manner.

    The use of keywords is a crucial topic after the release of hummingbird update. Make sure that you select the right keywords and phrases. It is vital to define the volume of keyword density to enjoy best results.

    The whole idea is that if you are serious about establishing organic SEO presence that sustains for a long time without getting affected by the future search algorithm updates, you need to rely on the effectiveness of content and hire efficient resources to provide quality content. You will get more natural inbound links, website traffic, SERP rank and more leads in this way.

    Make sure you follow this:

    1. Create valuable content that makes people want to read.
    2. Create great content that makes visitors want to download.
    3. Create content that people love to share.
    4. Create quality content that people want to comment on.
    5. Create high quality content that online media likes.
    6. Create best content influencers want to share.
    7. Create effective content that people want to link to.
    8. Create great content constantly.
    9. Create as much best content as possible.
    10. Optimize for people instead of search engines.
    11. The more time people spend on old optimization tactic

    These steps will not only enable you to counter the threats from Google algorithm updates but also help you improving the search engine visibility to a great extent.

    Be the result Google loves to rank

    Search engine optimizers usually pay little or mostly no attention to people who are visiting their website. Social media mangers communicate directly with the fans; authors write for the readers, designers make design keeping in view the visitors. But SEOs provide advice given by Google.

    Google is basically concerned about what visitors think about Its goal is to provide highly satisfying search results. Thus if you are using white hat techniques to provide best results to the viewers, you will never be penalized in google algorithm updates since google lays great stress over very adequate search results.

    How to make your content strategy more feasible?

    Don’t focus on so many keywords and utilize phrases for the targeting current and potential customers. Utilize survey tools and know the opinions of users by contacting them through email lists.

    Use surveys to know:

    •    What is their explanation of your products and services?
    •    What are their emotions about your products and services?
    •    Why they like to have your products and services?
    •    What areas need to be improved in your products and services?

    Once you have all the keywords in place, utilize them perfectly in your web copy.

    On-page structure: design

    In the year 2013, you cannot just add tagged text for increasing relevancy in the search engines; it must also be integrated in the design. Design must not only be “nice”. It is vital part of the internet world and pays off in real manner. Google knows that design helps in building trust and slaps websites covered in ads. Having a good design has become a necessity for both SEO and internet marketing.

    Link building: online PR

    Google has put so many websites down after the update of Penguin. We cannot purchase more links anymore and, therefore, the focus now should be on building relationships with websites and bloggers. The main crux of this relationship is “give and take” as in the real world.

    The one sided relationship is not viable since the website owners take your link and forget you in the end. But once they perceive you as valuable for readers, they will reach out to you.

    Anchor text manipulation: branding

    It is time to focus on the awareness of your brand instead of using specific anchor text on your pages. The higher the number of people who are talking about your brand, the more likely they will be searching for you, particularly and then you don’t have to worry about the top rankings in search results as you already will be there.


    A large part of SEO is about the identification and understanding of competitors for certain search terms since it matters greatly. SEO alone cannot bring success to your business. SEO is only one aspect of online marketing but it is important to be a great marketer to make it viable in the long run. This is how you can be the result google loves to rank well in the overall search results.

    Google ranking dropped? 5 steps to overhaul your optimization strategy

    SEO is a continuously changing phenomenon. Few years back, the entire focus was on stuffing the websites with keywords to improve the website rankings. The keyword stuffing gets penalized by Google today.

    If you are searching for ways to optimize your newly created website, you need to focus on the quality concept. Google has introduced new changes in algorithms throughout 2013. Here are certain ideas for evaluating and overhauling your SEO strategy.

    Step 1: Examine Inbound Links

    There was a great significance of inbound links in the past. Higher the numbers of links; better are the rankings. For competing in a better way, companies sorted out odd ways for linking that include blasting blogs, forums spamming. These tactics prevailed in the industry as they worked but Google figured it out. It penalized the websites that used these tactics and rewarded the ones that acquired authoritative and quality links legitimately.

    Thus your goal must be to remove any bad links through inbound link profile audit so that you maintain your website rankings.

    Step 2: Perform a technical SEO audit of your website

    Analyze your website from the technical perspective. The following questions need to be evaluated?

    1.    Can search engines crawl through your website?
    2.    Is there logical and helpful content organization?
    3.    Does your website load quickly?
    4.    Are unique meta titles present on each website page?
    5.    Do you have XML and HTML site map?
    6.    Do you find crawl errors in Google webmaster tools?
    7.    Are there any crawl errors or alerts showing in Google Webmaster Tools?

    Step 3: Evaluate Your Content Strategy

    The content strategy requires critical analysis of the overall content and requires the answer of the following questions?

    Is the content well written?
    Make sure that your content is free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. It needs to deliver value and should be customized according to the needs of the target audience. Make it easy to read by dividing it in different sections and use sub headers for introducing each section.

    Is website content segmented?
    Consider your service and product offerings and make sure that you have proper listing in place.  There should be separate pages for each product and service offerings.

    Does content links to other pages on your website?
    Internal links have great correlation with high search rankings. Make sure that you use internal linking strategy to cross promote your service and product offerings.

    Step 4: Assimilate Your Social Media Strategy

    After initiating your content marketing strategy, it is vital to leverage social media channel to establish your brand in the market place.

    You will be requiring a social media marketing strategy for building:

    •    Brand consciousness
    •    Authority
    •    Confidence
    •    Conversion rate
    •    Social signals
    •    Website traffic
    •    Inbound links


    After performing the initial SEO audit of your website, make sure that you review it periodically to ensure that your website ranking does not get much affected. It is very important since Google algorithm changes are released regularly.

    How Humming bird update impacts future of business?

    Google has rewritten its search algorithm for the first time since 2001. Unlike Panda and Penguin, Humming bird is complete replacement designed for providing precise and fast results.

    It is big news for the entrepreneurs and they have started worrying about its impacts. Following are certain insights that can help you in getting more acquainted with Humming bird:

    Look at the intent of users, not just keywords

    Google has started moving away from the pure keyword based interpretation and has started relying on best guess work. The goal of the new algorithm is the better handling of complex queries. For producing great results, the algorithm focuses on the search context like location, platform, conversation, timelines etc.

    Thus the algorithm provides more qualified leads instead of providing irrelevant traffic that bounces away very quickly. Thus it has become vital for businesses to place relevant content that is engaging and fulfills the expectations of people when they arrive at your page.

    Place more Importance of Authorship and Authority

    Since content remains the key for humming bird, it also gives more weight to authorship. The new google authorship system helps Google to identify the author and the content.

    Your Google Plus profile must be updated and includes attribution of the created content.
    It has also become significant to identify the USP of your business and take its advantage to set yourself apart. You need to provide the answers of people’s questions. You need to share your content on social media and get it noticed by the influencers.

    This signifies that the relatively short term strategies of SEO do not cut it. You require a long term strategy that is focused on the making authority through quality content, social interactions and relationships.

    Focus on the Mobile Experience

    When Google made an announcement for the new algorithm, they showcased the changes through mobile apps and not the desktop website. The reason behind this is that mobile users require fast results and they also need relevant results immediately. They tend to search for more complex things like, what is the best place to go for outdoor eating for pizza? Or what are the best automotive repair garages in Washington? etc

    What this means to your business? Mobile is everywhere in future. Google has knowledge and so should you. Most businesses believe that web is not something they should need to focus on if they don’t sell their products or services. This could not be far away from the truth. It is more important to have relevant and strong online presence that makes it very easy for people to locate your business particularly when they are searching you through their mobile phones.

    To make the long story short, Humming bird persistently emphasizes the focus of Google on search which terms content is the king. The ideal way to increase your search rank is identifying the target audience and keeping their needs in mind when you develop the web strategy.

    How to lead the SEO battle?

    With the growing popularity of SEO and its use as the most viable method of business promotion, there is much talk going on for the ways to win the search engine battle. 

    Even it may give professional image of a services provider; we are familiar that a well-designed website is not enough in these days. It is like having the best weapons with you but no ammunition. In order to achieve the crucial 1st position on the search engine; informative, relevant and keyword rich content is very important component of SEO battle plan.

    Firstly, the website content can provide firm foundation to build the optimization strategy. This content must be entertaining and informative and should incorporate the key phrases that you are eager to bring on top of search results.

    The use of keywords is tougher than your imagination. Simply stuffing these keywords is another way to spam and will be penalized by the search engines.

    In order to stay in the highly competitive industry, those who take these ranking easy are in great danger. The creation of static web content is not likely to produce desirable long term results. The latest methods of adding content need to be devised and this content must be distributed in an excellent way.

    The use of articles and press release alone are used as tools for business promotion. But if linking is done in an effective manner, then the organic link building method can be used to drive traffic to your website. The quality backlinks can become a great way to redirect traffic to your website.

    Blogging and RSS feeds can be utilized for achieving maximum search engine performance. Google loves fresh ad regularly updated content and this content gets frequently indexed. If written well and not used for key word spamming, they can stimulate a debate among the audience. This debate can often go viral and help in getting quality traffic.

    Uniform resource locators of your website must be in conformity with the search engine optimization rules. Don’t forget to include important keywords in the URLs. Make sure that the links are SEO friendly. Prefer to use dashes instead of underscores in the URLs as the crawler likes dashes and notices them immediately. Internal website interlinks can help the audience to visit the desired page directly from the home page to get more traffic.

    Make sure that links are in working condition and bring the users immediately to the desired pages. Remove the broken links as they are not liked by Google at all. The domain name of your website must contain relevant keywords if it is possible. Create HTML or XML maps. Submit these updated maps to the search engines and make sure that these are updated in proper manner.

    The constant efforts to attain high rankings of your website in the search results can be eased if SEO basics are implemented in a perfect manner. If your website is not optimized properly, then you are missing out greatly.

    How to increase web pages loading speed?

    Website speed has great importance in SEO because Google considers it while ranking websites. Following are certain strategies and tips that can be used for increasing the load speeds of pages and reduce the wait your visitors can face while navigating your website.

    Get A Fast Web Server

    If your web server is slow, your website will be having slow speed automatically.  Contact your webhost and move to a fast server or even get a dedicated sever. A fast server will have additional cost but do not forget that a slow server is already a great set back.

    Streamline Your Code   

    Ensure that your website is using minimum clean code which is an ideal way to reduce the sizes of page files and load speech of each page. This will help in increasing the website speed and performance.

    Optimize Your Images

    When you use images, ensure using correct type of image format. Different types of image files have different goals depending on whether you are displaying a photo, an image with few or many colors. Use the right type of file for right image type to create an optimized format.

    Move JavaScript and CSS files to external files

    Cascade Style Sheets as well as Java Script files must be moved out of HTML and placed on separate documents. This helps all JavaScript and CSS code to be downloaded and applied on each page on a single time rather than the content duplication of similar code on each page.
    While there certain reasons for keeping some CSS and JavaScript on the page, moving it off can make sense when you try to streamline code.

    It is a better idea to place CSS on top while JavaScript at the bottom.

    Use “Include” Files For Duplicate Content Sections

    “CSS” and “include” files can help in significant reduction of wait times. On top of that, they also help in speeding the amount of time that is invested in making the edits on your website. The time spent on the CSS based website development with only include files is worth the time saved on the development end in future.

    Implement CSS Sprites

    When you are using different images together, you can utilize CSS sprits for combining them in a single image download. By reducing downloads, you can reduce the pressure on server and make the downloading process very quick.

    Use Page Speed Optimizer

    Google offers an insight tool for checking page speeds that will give you suggestions on things you can do for increasing your page speed. Most of these suggestions will cover things that are mentioned before, plus many more that you are not probably familiar with. Mostly these issues are dealt with by search engine optimizers or developers. So make sure that there is one for helping you out in getting the perfect insights.

    The speed of the website may seem to be a small thing but it can even result in a lost customer.
    Therefore, make sure that you give enough importance to it.
    Tuesday, 17 December 2013

    Ways to optimize your Google Plus Profile to get more business locally

    Research indicates that local customers are using Google plus for local business search. According to a study, 59 percent customers are using Google each month for finding reputable local businesses while 50 percent of mobile searches are done to find local search results and 61 percent of these searches lead to purchase. As more local business are cashing on the Google+ Local business for influencing the rank of business on local SERP for main keywords, you must be assured that more will be on board.

    Here are five proven ways to optimize your Google plus profile locally:

    Develop Customized Business Descriptions for each business location

    When you write the description of business location, always focus on keywords that the target market would be using while search instead of explaining the products and services that make you different from your competitors. Earlier Google limited the number of characters a location could use on its page but the new interface has allowed an infinite number of characters. Still, you must remember to keep description brief and focused.

    Add supplementary Information

    Business photos have a great influence on rankings. Customers will potentially see the primary photo of business, so make sure that it is attractive. For providing Google with an additional link to important information about the business, identify a citation source. Use the photo URLs on the website and load them in to Google business listings.

    Recognize and Remove Duplicate Listings

    Duplicate listings are detrimental for any business because they work against the business. So identify and remove the listing to avoid lower business ranks.

    Identify Third Party Sites to improve Google rankings

    Google uses different off-site ranking factors for determining local results. Not only Google checks if other websites are mentioning the business, it also looks to see if the website has repute. Due to this, it is vital identify the influential third party websites and submit latest information.

    Modify each listing to rank the search terms on a regular basis

    It is significant to keep tabs on Google business listings. The start of the optimization process requires most maintenance.

    Once you start improving your rankings, maintenance will decrease but businesses must track search volume trends that can affect the visibility in a positive or negative manner.

    Measuring Local Impact

    Before optimization, businesses ranked in the top 10 positions for merely 26 percent keywords combinations. Only 9 percent combinations ranked in the top two positions.

    After the enhancement in business profiles, the businesses ranked in top 10 local positions 
    Prior to optimization, these businesses ranked in the top seven positions for only few percent but after optimization the instances increased greatly. Thus there was a visible difference in pre and post optimization of Google plus profile and the local impact provides a clear difference.

    As this study reflects, improving the business Google plus local profile can assist you to rank in top 10 positions and earn more local business online.
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