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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    10 best ways to make Google fall in love with your website

    Google is quite candid in its mission i.e. connecting the online search users with the most fresh, relevant and comprehensive information available on board. In order to get your website loved by Google and to put it right at top of search results, you must create great content that someone searching online is going to love.

    1.    Use of good title tags and Meta description

    Your title tags tell the search engines what your website is all about. Therefore, you must create compelling title tags to make users click through your website when it appears in the search engine results. As Meta description provides the text under the title link in search engine results; you must write quite good ones containing keywords that perfectly describe different pages of your website.

    2.    Use keywords as anchor text for internal links:

    Search engines pay great attention to links on your website along with the words used in them. Always use you keywords as anchor text for links instead of using phrases like “click here” or “get more information”.

    3.    Use a good link structure:

    It is better to adopt a good link structure. Instead of using, it is much better to use structure like keyword.html. Always use key words with moderation.

    4.    Use descriptive alt text and titles on images:

    All the images on your website must have alt tags and titles. Alt tags are used for describing the image and any time the server does not find the image it is searching for, this text will be displayed. Alt tags offer a great legitimate opportunity to add more keywords to your page.

    5.    Use relevant filenames for images:

    Instead of using generic file names, use something specific and relevant. Suppose you have an image of a water cooler, instead of naming it as 1.jpg, you must add the water cooler.jpg.

    6.    Have an XML sitemap:

    XML sitemap provides the flexibility to search engine spiders to index all the website pages and enables the users to enjoy better navigational experience.

    7.    Focus on homepage optimization:

    The home page is the key to get your website found by the search engines. Your home page must be having quality content with your main keywords spread throughout the heading, alt tags and content. Keep things natural and do not stuff the keywords.

    8.    Guest post frequently:

    Shortlist high PR guest posting websites and frequently publish quality content to get more traffic. This will enable you to grow your website and get worthy links at top notch websites with huge traffic.

    9.    Have a blog on your website:

    A blog is always an excellent addition to boost your marketing efforts. It can be used for communicating directly with customers through comments. Publishing new content on the website also offers the additional advantages of getting crawled on regular basis as well as getting worthy incoming links.

    10.    Generate a robots.txt file

    Create a robots.txt file with Google Webmaster tools to tell Google if you don’t want to index any page of your website.


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