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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    5 clever tactics to improve blog loading speed

    Probably the most irritating aspect of blogging is slow loading speed. If someone gets stuck in loading your blog due to sluggish loading time, he or she will instantly close it and move to the next one. If you want to earn money through blogging, you need traffic. Before generating traffic for your blog, you must ensure that it has a fast loading speed or else you will suffer.

    Why you should be concerned about your blog’s loading time?

    Google places great value over to search engine visitors and provides maximum ease. It is now considering the blog loading speed as a major search engine ranking factor. So you will get poor results if your website takes very long time in loading.

    You must ensure that your blog is:

    •    Not too much cluttered and messy.
    •    Loading quickly as compared to other blogs.
    •    Delivering great user experience.

    How can you increase the loading time of your blog?

    Here are five clever ways to make your blog load faster.

    Avoid using excessive ads specifically Google AdSense
    It is a reality that majority of bloggers are dependent on affiliate ads or Google AdSense. But what happens if the ratio of ads is more than the content on your blog?

    The most obvious result is that no one will like your blog and will leave it immediately. In order to avoid this terrible user experience, always ensure to focus on the right kind of ads that target the potential readers. And never use too many ads for a little extra payment. It does not provide any value and kills the readership of your blog.

    Use CDN
    The use of CDN (Content Delivery Network) can prove to be really helpful especially if you have JavaScript, Images, static files or CSS taking a long time for loading and making your website sluggish.
    CDN is basically a network of servers across the world having a copy of your website and the related small files. When visitors open your website, CDN provides your website files from the nearest server to them.

    The greater the physical distance between the user and the server, higher are the chances of slow website. Therefore, serving from a nearby location can increase the speed of the website.

    Use WordPress plugins to make your blog loading time faster
    There are various WordPress plugins available on the internet. Search the best and install to increase the speed of your blog. Ensure that you don’t end up on choosing the inferior ones that are merely wastage of time.

    Always optimize your blog images
    You can use lucrative images on blogs to generate interest of the users. Make sure that you optimize your images and there are two ways to do it:

    1.    Optimize images by using image optimizer.
    2.    Use plugins to compress the images.

    Change your web hosting services provider.
    If you don’t achieve effective results, change your host provider. Try to choose the services of best host providers like blue host etc to deliver the best user experience.

    1 comment:

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