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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    Advices For Winning Blog Contests And Competitions

    With a simple Google search, you will find many contests for bloggers. SUBSCRIBE for out service and you CAN win an iPad, LIKE and SHARE us on Facebook and you will get two. The prizes are smaller or bigger. Some of them are embarrassing for any brand that has some common sense, while others are extraordinary tempting. The bloggers like to participate to those, because they can compete in writing with other rivals from the same niches.

    The right keywords are Write and Can. The mechanism of those campaigns is simple: the brands hope to win as many fans as possible, and to convince bloggers to promote what they sell. Eventually, some of those bloggers will win something.

    We have seen many articles written by bloggers after different competitions, saying that it is OK to participate. They wrote many articles, they were involved, and at a result, they won the contest, which means that they are important in the blogosphere. We agree that contests are a great method to win something, but this thing is the recognition offered by major brands, not an iPhone or some vouchers to the mall.

    By participating to competitions, bloggers ruin their good name, if they have one. The major brands never work with bloggers that participate to contests, because those write “when ordered”, so they don’t have their opinions and ideas. When your value is appreciated at a lottery, it means that blogging is only a game for you. In simple words, you sell your name too cheap.

    The second problem: if you write articles recommending you the product X or Y without knowing it, or if you don’t know what you are talking about, the readers will feel cheated. They leave because they don’t come on your blog for such articles. They want strong opinions. In the case of reviews, this means to have the product. Any good blogger can review a product without having it, but the best articles are those made by bloggers that had the chance to see the respective product, and to test it. 

    Moreover, the contests where the prizes are awarded with a lottery should be avoided. The contests where a jury evaluates you make sense, as at least you hope that your talent and work will be appreciated. If the organizer offers prizes with a lottery, it means that it is only a listing, not an evaluation of blogs.

    As for participating, the bloggers must establish their own ethic and code rules. If you participate to contests often, don’t start writing only about the products that you need to evaluate there. The best strategy is 3 with 1. The first article can be a recommendation for a brand, product or service, but it has to be related with the activity of your blog.

    You can’t write anything on your blog. Some bloggers say that they have a generalist blog, so they can write about anything. If you have ten articles from which one is a recommendation for an online store, the second one is a review, and the third one is a recommendation for a gambling site, the reader will be confused and bored.

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