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    Tuesday, 17 December 2013

    Best ways to promote guest blogs

    Social media and guest blogging go side by side as they both contribute towards increasing exposure, allow to meet new users and enable people to share new ideas with the whole world. Whether you are requiring guest posts for your blog or want to get your posts published as a blog writer, guest blogging can be more fruitful if social media is involved in the entire journey.

    Building Up Social Audience

    Building up audience must be your top priority when it comes to social media.

    If you want to propose your guest post, you can mention that you are having 10,000 Facebook fans, 9,000 twitter followers, 1000 google plus in your circles etc. It shows your worth as an established writer in the industry and the website will prefer to consider your guest post as you can help in increasing exposure of their website by sharing guest post links on various social media platforms.

    Seek Your Opportunities

    In addition to improving your credibility, social media can also be used as tool to find different guest blogging opportunities. Sending a twitter announcement or making fans aware of content submission opportunities at face book can be a great idea to connect with those who are requiring content.

    It also enables to search through keywords or hashtags like #guestblogging or #writeguestpost can be ideal platforms to start with. You can also follow businesses and individuals who are related to your industry. This kind of digital networking can help in generating genuine connections.

    Working With Authors

    From the perspective of a website, you must be treating writers with admiration. These writers may want to provide you free content and you must be appreciative. You can easily do it by declaring your expectations very clearly. Make a pge about guest blogging on your website outlining:

    •    The kinds of post you require
    •    Word count of post
    •    Inclusion of photos and their dimensions, link rules, author bio etc.

    You can also mention great topics and refer to already published guest posts to give the author a clear about the type of posts you are looking for.

    Working With the Website Owners

    Being a writer who needs quality platforms for content distribution, it is vital to select websites that are related to your interests or industry. For example, do not look to guest blog on jewelry website if you are a technology writer. You will not only waste your time in this way but there are bleak chances of getting your post published.

    Check their guest blog page for reviewing their requirements. If it is not there then ask follow up questions like author bio details, word count, photo sources etc.

    When you send guest post, make sure to review it frequently to make it free of any errors.

    The owners of the websites as well as writers get great benefits from guest blogging. Even though it can take a lot time, it can be advantageous to all parties involved especially when social media comes in to play.


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