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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    Buttons and Messages That Trigger Actions

    Optimizing messages and the visual experience of the reader is something that some webmasters forget. A message must be addressed to a human feeling. To make your message attractive, you will have to take care about how it looks. Especially for online stores, the buttons can be a powerful method to sell. Before reading a few tricks that will increase the effectiveness of buttons on a website, let’s see which are the most popular of them. Who knows? Maybe you will find a good button around here that you still don’t have.

    1. Add To Cart – it is a clear message, that seems to convince the visitor to add a product there. However, it is not a promise to buy. It suggests the visitor to continue shopping, to make comparisons, and eventually to take action.

    2. Buy – a clear message, which induces the visitor a state of “alert”. He is just about to make the decision, to click or not to click? Would he press it? It depends on the utility of the product, but also on the color of the button. A red button will look like a warning, so maybe it is a good idea to choose another color. It must be in concordance with the rest of the website, and the color must be highlighted. The Yellow buttons on a white background seem to be successful.

    2. Put in Cart – it is a message that looks like Add To Cart, but it is not so strong. Add means that something is already in the cart, while Put in Cart means that there is no product there. Put in Cart might be a method to convince the reader to start shopping. The nicest method to use those buttons is to use Put to Cart, which transforms in Add to Cart when the visitor added the first product there.

    3. Order – a message of solicitation, which looks like an obligation. People usually don’t like to be persuaded this way. The button can be used for catering companies, and for some service providers – Order Pizza, Order a Taxi, but for an online store selling products, the button is not recommended.

    4. Buy - a message that manifests a clear intention. Once the button is hit, the customer has no way back. Only put this button after reviews and presentations, where you can get the most significant number of conversions. If the Buy button appears too early, the visitor might not click it, because he still doesn’t know so many things about the product.

    The buttons must have a general color. You can’t put a red Buy button, and blue buttons for Add To Cart. The buttons must be preeminent, but not annoying. The message on those should be distinguished.

    The Social Networking buttons are also important. Those look relatively the same, as the social network’s developers design them, and you don’t have so many customization tools. Changing those is not recommended, as the visitors might not recognize the new icons. A visitor might not want to click the Facebook Like button only because it is red, while he is used with the traditional blue color of it.


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