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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    Effective PPC or How to Spend Your Money for Something

    We talk about the online industry today more than ever. Communication specialists approve that this environment requires relatively small investments compared with other areas, and the incomes could be just as big, maybe even bigger. Pay Per Click becomes a useful tool for online publicity, and many companies today use AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing to promote their businesses online.

    PPC is a model of internet publicity that uses search engines and blogs, in which advertisers pay hosting of their ads only if the link is visited. The websites that use the PPC systems display an ad, and when a keyword from the content of the website is found in the keyword list of the advertiser, the connection is made. The links appear with the title of Sponsored Links, and their place on the website is decided by the owner.

    The most used PPC programs are Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter, where the Cost Per Click (CPC) varies considering the search engine, but also considering the “value” of the keyword.

    Generally, this type of advertising can be the subject of click frauds, but Google and other search engines implemented automated stopping systems of abusive clicks. According to specialists, there are local programs everywhere that offer ads, but the most popular remain the ones offered by major internet giants. AdWords remains the most important method to monetize a website on the internet.

    Ad Words Marketing

    AdWords displays texts ads, and images, increasing the brand awareness. It is interesting that advertisers pay a smaller price as their ad gains a higher rank. Of course, they also pay more if their ad falls in the marketing ranks of Google. Moreover, when the ads don’t get enough clicks, they become inactive, which means that we need to choose our keywords carefully for a PPC campaign.

    The AdWords Campaigns can be extremely efficient as long as some rules are respected, including a good message and a really specific text. It is important to monitor the evolution of the campaign, as modifications are required once in a while.

    Yahoo is another online marketing agency based on sponsored searches, on the PPC system. Yahoo started to offer this option after buying Overture Services, one of the oldest companies that launched this method of promoting.

    The Overture Services (hosted on initially) only offered a list of results ordered in a certain hierarchy, but the last Yahoo Search Marketing version replaced the old marketing method with a newer one. Yahoo comes with new tools such as Geo-targeting, AdTesting, and with Budgeting and Scheduling tools.

    Microsoft adCenter

    AdCenter is the MSN division for online marketing. Microsoft is the third most important search engines through Bing, and it developed its own system to deliver publicity with PPC. Microsoft used DeepMatrix as their launching pad, a Canadian company that offered those services until 2006. The technology used by Microsoft is the same as the one used by AdWords.

    The PPC services oblige the advertisers to be efficient, without spamming texts and banners, and this increases the overall quality of websites promoted through PPC.


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