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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    Evaluating the Performance of a PPC Campaign

    Pay Per Click campaigns are the best to promote a certain product or a website. It is not like people like to pay for this kind of marketing. Google and other marketers “forced” those services in their offer, making those a lot more important than other methods of promoting, such as organic SEO The principle is simple: if you want results, you need to pay Google. However, as long as you need to pay for something, at least make sure that you are paying for the right thing.

    PPC is one of the most profitable methods of marketing besides classical SEO, and as said before, it is even better. However, let’s find out what is PPC marketing.

    PPC marketing is an action with which an advertiser pays whenever a visitor click on one of his texts, banners or images. The marketer creates the ad, and then he chooses the words that appear in the eyes of the possible visitor, on other websites and on social networks.

    Google is the most important “player” on this market, being constructed literally on the money made by AdWords. If you don’t know this by now, each time when you click on the ads from the upper side of Google (from the ones of the colored section), they will obtain a certain sum of money.

    The AdWords program was expanded with AdSense, a program with which almost every webmaster can make money. Of course, the money is divided between Google and webmasters.

    How to start:

    It is easy to start promoting links and banners through AdWords and other PPC campaigns. You don’t even need a huge budget for that. You can start with 5 dollars, but it is usually recommended to invest more. The main services for AdWords are the Google service, but also Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Center.

    Although Yahoo and Microsoft have good programs, it is a good idea to try AdWords. It is the most used search engine; therefore, you can get important and relevant clicks practically for any keyword. Well, Yahoo and Microsoft also come with some good products, but another advantage of AdWords is their analyzing tools, which makes it possible for you to customize your searches to the smallest detail.

    What is the role of a PPC campaign and what traffic can you obtain?

    If you want to start a PPC campaign with AdWords, which can also bring the required results, you need to choose the keywords carefully, and to organize those in corresponding groups. When we analyzed and we decided what keywords are the best for our business, we can make estimations about the traffic that would come with future AdWords ads, and we can also establish the budget and the auction price, which is best for us.

    If you want to make all of those, you can use the tools that we talked about. Google Keyword Tool was recently integrated in AdWords. Google expressed their immediate goal of making keywords less accessible for organic searches, so it will be harder for you to find those for classical optimization. This means that the most solid and safe method to target keywords on Google is to use the Planner in AdWords.


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