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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    Five recommendations for optimizing the Facebook page

    It is a good idea to have a corresponding Facebook page for the service that you offer, even if the website is successful without social networking. However, the Facebook page needs its fans and subscribers also, and this is why you will have to know some basics about Facebook page optimization techniques.

    1. Try to reach 30 fans as soon as possible. Until then, the URL of your Facebook page is www.facebook/namepage/164774323556. This is not such a great link to promote, isn’t it? When you have 30 likes for your page, you can change it to www.facebook.namepage/. This is surely a better one, isn’t it? The first fans can be gathered with exchange services, such as Addmefast. Don’t overuse those, as they will only bring spam traffic. They must be used only for gathering the first 30 fans.   

    2. In the profile, there is a place where you can make the difference, and this is the About section. Here, you can write details about your company, history, slogan, logo and objectives, but you can also use keywords. If you have some basic SEO notions, you know what keywords are, and you should know that those are important for Facebook also. Don’t forget about the link to your website, as the entire purpose of a Facebook page is to get the visitor to click that link.

    3. Landing page – this is the first page that is seen by a visitor when he accesses the Facebook link of your brand. It has information about the history of the comany, about what you offer, and a slogan or a widget convincing the visitor to Like you. This page can be customized to offer the essence on the website or business, and the most common technique is to use images that stimulate visitors to use the Like button.

    4. Internal Facebook links – those are obtained when the user “Likes” your page. A link to your page would appear on the wall of the new fan, and from there, all the friends of the respective person will see it, and your page could gain even more popularity. More likes = more links = more clicks to your website – this is the simple equation.

    5. Links to the Facebook page –Use widgets to allow readers on your website to Like your page or articles. This way, those will be posted on the walls of your fans, promoting the website and your Facebook page at the same time. 

    Other techniques to attract Facebook fans:

    -    organize a competition or a contest for the existing fans
    -    invite your friends from other social networks to be your Facebook followers
    -    remember them to promote your page if possible
    -    social engagements –Causes and Pools can be used for any purpose, not only for charity, so you might think about winning some fans using those.

    Is Facebook good for SEO?

    Google uses links on Twitter and Facebook to establish the positions of websites in searches, considering the authority of those websites. The impact of social media in SEO is huge, and even if Google and Bing officials confirmed the existence of this algorithm, we can say how it works exactly, but we know that a popular Facebook page surely helps.


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