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    Tuesday, 10 December 2013

    FREE Google SEO Tools

    There are many effective SEO tools available in the market today. However, beginners would be better off starting with free Google SEO tools. Webmasters have admitted that when used in the proper manner, Google Tools can be a powerful and very effective way to drive traffic into your site.
    Some of these free tools from Google include the following:

     GOOGLE ANALYTICS – this tool is extremely popular since it can be used to track page views and the number of visitors. Google Analytics will show just how the visitors arrived at your page either from their keywords or from any links you might have elsewhere. It is also possible to know that exact location of your visitors and this helps in geo targeting.

    Armed with this information, you will be able to understand how your current keywords are doing and what the internet users are looking for. This means that you can come up with the keywords that will send more traffic your way. Google Analytics offers much more and it can be accessed and managed from a single Google account. You can even manage as many websites as you like from this free Google tool.

    GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLS – every new website needs to get this ASAP! Unlike what most people think, you don’t have to wait until the search engines find your websites so as to get your content indexed. With this free Google SEO tool, you can actually do something other than wait. Just register and verify your website URL to Google using your Webmasters Tools account and expect your page to appear in search result in a few hours.

     In addition to this, you can advise Google on how to index your website correctly by using a sitemap .xml file to avoid duplicated results. This free tool will even point out any broken links in your site and also list any internal and external pages that link to your site.

    GOOGLE ADWORDS KEYWORD TOOLS - many people assume that the Google AdWords tool is only for managing per-per-click adverts with Google. In contrary to this, you can also use this tool to research the popularity of your keywords in specific countries through the “keyword tool” which can be accessed via your AdWord account.

    Through the “keyword tool” you will able to find out how well your keywords are doing in the market and just how many people have used those keywords in the recent past. With such information at hand, you will be able to decide whether to abandon these keywords or to optimize them further.

    These are the three must-have Google SEO tools you must use on your website if you really want to achieve higher rankings.

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