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    Saturday, 21 December 2013

    Google ranking dropped? 5 steps to overhaul your optimization strategy

    SEO is a continuously changing phenomenon. Few years back, the entire focus was on stuffing the websites with keywords to improve the website rankings. The keyword stuffing gets penalized by Google today.

    If you are searching for ways to optimize your newly created website, you need to focus on the quality concept. Google has introduced new changes in algorithms throughout 2013. Here are certain ideas for evaluating and overhauling your SEO strategy.

    Step 1: Examine Inbound Links

    There was a great significance of inbound links in the past. Higher the numbers of links; better are the rankings. For competing in a better way, companies sorted out odd ways for linking that include blasting blogs, forums spamming. These tactics prevailed in the industry as they worked but Google figured it out. It penalized the websites that used these tactics and rewarded the ones that acquired authoritative and quality links legitimately.

    Thus your goal must be to remove any bad links through inbound link profile audit so that you maintain your website rankings.

    Step 2: Perform a technical SEO audit of your website

    Analyze your website from the technical perspective. The following questions need to be evaluated?

    1.    Can search engines crawl through your website?
    2.    Is there logical and helpful content organization?
    3.    Does your website load quickly?
    4.    Are unique meta titles present on each website page?
    5.    Do you have XML and HTML site map?
    6.    Do you find crawl errors in Google webmaster tools?
    7.    Are there any crawl errors or alerts showing in Google Webmaster Tools?

    Step 3: Evaluate Your Content Strategy

    The content strategy requires critical analysis of the overall content and requires the answer of the following questions?

    Is the content well written?
    Make sure that your content is free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. It needs to deliver value and should be customized according to the needs of the target audience. Make it easy to read by dividing it in different sections and use sub headers for introducing each section.

    Is website content segmented?
    Consider your service and product offerings and make sure that you have proper listing in place.  There should be separate pages for each product and service offerings.

    Does content links to other pages on your website?
    Internal links have great correlation with high search rankings. Make sure that you use internal linking strategy to cross promote your service and product offerings.

    Step 4: Assimilate Your Social Media Strategy

    After initiating your content marketing strategy, it is vital to leverage social media channel to establish your brand in the market place.

    You will be requiring a social media marketing strategy for building:

    •    Brand consciousness
    •    Authority
    •    Confidence
    •    Conversion rate
    •    Social signals
    •    Website traffic
    •    Inbound links


    After performing the initial SEO audit of your website, make sure that you review it periodically to ensure that your website ranking does not get much affected. It is very important since Google algorithm changes are released regularly.


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