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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    Google Zebra Algorithm update: Essential Preparation

    Google Zebra is the latest update of algorithm that has a mission to remove low quality content in the world of ecommerce. Google is trying to define the un-intentional SERP results system i.e. based on the elimination of keyword based rankings. Majority of us hugely support this idea as the web is composed of 70 percent garbage already.

    Following are major insights in to google Zebra Algorithm update preparations:

    Add content wisely

    Add products with detailed descriptions on your website. Make sure to have detailed product descriptions to provide visitors an opportunity to share and write their own reviews. Google will quickly index such pages. Be very smart about content. If you have thousands of products, don’t add same introductory paragraph on every product page. Mix it up to give more value to readers.

    Web Design & Accessibility must be priority

    If you don’t have a responsive website at present, begin immediate research for it today. Visit various websites in your industry and get an idea about the latest responsive designs that are loved by audience.
    A responsive website ensures that the user gets good experience when he/she accesses the website on any device. Better usability means more user involvement and better engagement.

    Add comparisons:

    Give users the ability to make their own shopping comparisons on your website. This will increase your conversions and improve the chances of better reviews. Zebra will surely analyze this aspect.

    Add Google Authorship to Your Website

    Authorship markup is the latest way to display authorship details in search results for the content you are creating. Using this way, Google verifies a real person created content and claims it. Authorship does not have importance from the ranking perspective but Google will be implementing Author rank in their algorithm.

    Add Product Videos with captions

    Don’t forget to make your company page on YouTube will all your product videos. In order to grab more attention of Google, transcribe and caption all your videos.

    Have “Live Chat” option

    It is never bad to add additional convenience for users. Live chat can help in adding personal touch to shopping experience and effects your conversions positively.

    Attend to Page Speed & Load Times

    Slow load times can cause irritation to users. A recent study says that one second delay in the response of page can lead to 7 percent lower conversions. Suppose an eCommerce website is making $100,000 each day, only a delay of one second in page response can cause $2.5 million loss in sales every year. The same study says that 47 percent consumers anticipate a web page to load in only 2 seconds or even less while 40 percent people leave website that is taking more than 3 seconds loading time.

    Therefore, fast loading time must be your key priority with everything you are looking to improve in your website.

    Have Clear & Concise Company Policies

    Google Zebra will be looking on your company policies including the shipping rules etc. Therefore, make sure that you draft them in a precise and clear manner.


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