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    Tuesday, 10 December 2013

    How Google will Find Your Website

    If you want to venture into internet marketing and are wondering how Google will find your website, you are not alone. Most beginners usually have little or no idea on how to get Google to notice their content. However, the mere fact that you realize the importance of appearing on Google and other search engines shows you are treading on the right path.

    Google uses automated software known as “web spiders” to discover new sites. Whenever these spiders find a new site, they add its details to the Google search index. In spite of this, these spiders do at times miss out new sites especially when these sites happen to be offline when they crawl by.  However, you can still submit your website manually by following these simple tips:

    •    Go to Google’s URL submissions page
    •    Type your website’s URL in the URL box, add any comments in the comment box and perform the security test.
    •    Click the tab that says Add URL and you will have submitted your website to Google.
    Other than manual submission, there are other ways to get noticed and they include the following:

    Paid inclusion plans – some search engines like yahoo offer paid inclusion plans where you pay them to visit your site and list it immediately.

    Get genuine links – having your website linked to other websites in your niche will increase your chances at being found by major search engines. Enable other sites, business directories and clients to link you and you will be in a position to get discovered quite easily. However, take extreme care who you associate with, some sites have pretty bad reputations and associating with them will only get you blacklisted. Take caution when “buying” links. This is considered spam by Google and they know all the spammy vendors.

    Establish a blog – a blog is a very great idea on getting Google to notice you. If you have no idea, all search engines adore blogs. This is because blogs offer text-based information which is exactly what search engines want. Establish a great blog and link your website/websites. If your content is interesting enough, you can expect a nice trickle of traffic.

    Now that you know how Google will find your website, go ahead and create an appealing one and employ any of these tactics and you will soon be available in search results. Remember that getting Google to notice you once or twice is not enough; you have to ensure you employ the best SEO tactics to enjoy a constant trickle of traffic.


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