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    Saturday, 21 December 2013

    How Humming bird update impacts future of business?

    Google has rewritten its search algorithm for the first time since 2001. Unlike Panda and Penguin, Humming bird is complete replacement designed for providing precise and fast results.

    It is big news for the entrepreneurs and they have started worrying about its impacts. Following are certain insights that can help you in getting more acquainted with Humming bird:

    Look at the intent of users, not just keywords

    Google has started moving away from the pure keyword based interpretation and has started relying on best guess work. The goal of the new algorithm is the better handling of complex queries. For producing great results, the algorithm focuses on the search context like location, platform, conversation, timelines etc.

    Thus the algorithm provides more qualified leads instead of providing irrelevant traffic that bounces away very quickly. Thus it has become vital for businesses to place relevant content that is engaging and fulfills the expectations of people when they arrive at your page.

    Place more Importance of Authorship and Authority

    Since content remains the key for humming bird, it also gives more weight to authorship. The new google authorship system helps Google to identify the author and the content.

    Your Google Plus profile must be updated and includes attribution of the created content.
    It has also become significant to identify the USP of your business and take its advantage to set yourself apart. You need to provide the answers of people’s questions. You need to share your content on social media and get it noticed by the influencers.

    This signifies that the relatively short term strategies of SEO do not cut it. You require a long term strategy that is focused on the making authority through quality content, social interactions and relationships.

    Focus on the Mobile Experience

    When Google made an announcement for the new algorithm, they showcased the changes through mobile apps and not the desktop website. The reason behind this is that mobile users require fast results and they also need relevant results immediately. They tend to search for more complex things like, what is the best place to go for outdoor eating for pizza? Or what are the best automotive repair garages in Washington? etc

    What this means to your business? Mobile is everywhere in future. Google has knowledge and so should you. Most businesses believe that web is not something they should need to focus on if they don’t sell their products or services. This could not be far away from the truth. It is more important to have relevant and strong online presence that makes it very easy for people to locate your business particularly when they are searching you through their mobile phones.

    To make the long story short, Humming bird persistently emphasizes the focus of Google on search which terms content is the king. The ideal way to increase your search rank is identifying the target audience and keeping their needs in mind when you develop the web strategy.


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