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    Tuesday, 10 December 2013

    How to Achieve the Right Keyword Density for SEO

    There are different theories out there on how to achieve the right keyword density for SEO but after all has been said and done; content that makes proper sense is all that is important. A couple of years ago, overstuffing keywords actually generated good search engine results but not anymore. Keywords were overused and content did not make sense and that is when search engines stopped using keyword density in their algorithms.

     Yoast WordPress SEO suggests 4.5%, SEOPRESSON advises 3-5% but some experienced bloggers cannot risk going beyond 3%.  However, anything below 5% is considered safe by the major search engines.
     This being the case, you will obviously want to achieve the right keyword density and the following guidelines will show you how do it:

    Get a word count of your article/content – after writing your article and incorporating your targeted keywords, the next step is checking your keyword density. The first step in doing this is to get a word count of your article. Using a word processor like Microsoft Word will make this easier.

    Count your keywords or key phrases – after getting the word count of your entire article, you will need to count your keywords or key phrases so as to check your keyword density. This can be done manually or you can use a word processor to point out your keywords though not all word processors have this feature. Microsoft Word allows you to check your keywords by clicking the “editing” tab then “find”. Type your targeted keyword in the box that pops up, click “find in” and choose “entire document” and you will find the number of times your keyword or key phrase appears in your entire document.(this applies to Microsoft Office Word 2007 but the process is still applicable in other Microsoft Word Versions though the instructions might vary slightly).

    Calculate your keyword density – after you have determined the number of times your chosen keyword or key phrase appears in your entire text or document, get a calculator and check your keyword/key phrase density. Your computer calculator will do well if you don’t have another. Simply divide the number of times your keyword/key phrase appeared with the word count of your entire document. As soon as your calculator provides an answer, get this number and multiply it by a hundred. The answer you get is your keyword density. Investing in a good word processor is a good way to ensure that you achieve the right keyword density for optimizing your content.


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