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    Tuesday, 10 December 2013

    How to Choose a SEO Company

    You might be having a website and you are not educated and skilled at SEO, you might also be willing to hire SEO services but have absolutely no idea on how to choose a SEO company. Before you get down to the actual hiring, you have to be aware of this fact - a SEO company has the ability to build or to completely destroy your web reputation.

    This being the case, it would be wise to first arm yourself with some information so as to be able to choose the best:

    Learn the basics – if you cannot understand the basics, it would be impossible to choose a consultant firm. Learning the basics and SEO lingo will enable you to interview and understand the answers you get. Also, it would be wise to learn of some bad SEO practices, this will enable you avoid the spammy companies that engage in risky practices. Such companies could harm your website eternally.

    Identify your goals – your goals will enable you to determine what you expect from a SEO Company. Some of your goals could be higher rankings, more traffic or improved sales conversion rates. All these goals need to be handled differently and you need to be sure that the company can handle them skillfully.

    SEO has many complicated aspects such as proper keyword density, strategic backlinking, pay-per-click campaigns and so on. Identify the aspects you think will be most important for your website and ensure that the company can handle them skillfully before doing the actual hiring.

    Request for recommendations – ask successful friends and colleagues for recommendations. You can even ask the advice of successful websites, online blogs and other respected forums in the world of SEO. Make sure they understand your needs and goals to enable them recommend the right company for your website.

    Conduct interviews – after short-listing a few candidates, conduct some interviews by asking detailed and meaningful questions. Ask them what they intend to do to improve your rankings, enquire of their linking strategies and of their desired means of communication with their clients. Also, don’t forget to ask for their qualifications.

    Ask for references – a respectable SEO consultant firm or company must be willing to provide references and rankings. Ask for contacts of previous clients and talk to them. Never under any circumstances rely on any testimonials you might find posted on their websites.

    Another idea on how to choose a SEO company would be to check on the rankings of the company’s website. If they are any good, they will have good rankings but if they are mediocre or just ordinary, their website will be buried deep in the search engines.


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