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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    How To Create A Correct AdWords Structure

    One of the most common mistakes made by people using AdWords for the first time is account restructuring, and the dimensioning of campaigns. After a first impression, webmasters would choose the keywords, but there are two other important aspects: the competition and the structuring of the account.

    We might say that a good structure of a website has a good influence on the quality scoring, because of the relevance in the campaign. A mistake made by the majority of people is to put a single ad on a large number of keywords and to spread it all over the internet. 

    A wrong AdWords Structure

    This is the biggest mistake that affects results. You don’t have the control, you can’t find good keywords, and the ones that you find are not relevant. You can’t filter the results right, or the words that appear during the campaign. It is important, if you want to appear on the first places of Google Sponsored links for a large number of keywords, to establish the relevance for those.

    A good structure allows you better conversions and a better understanding of the process as a whole. In simple words, you will get better control, and most importantly, you will be able to modify whatever it is wrong in your campaign with ease. In other words, you will be sure that your money is spent with good use.

    Generally, it is better to make campaigns with certain keywords, and to attribute those to specific ads. Specific words and niches are the best. If you have many campaigns, try to group the ones that have about the same settings. The quality score is important, as it can increase or decrease the cost of PPC. Google establishes this score considering the relevance of the ad, and the relevance of the website.

    CTR is an important indicator for your success. CTR represents the number of impressions (how many times an ad is displayed), compared with the number of clicks that it gets. The AdWords and the keywords have a different click rate, but those are both important in establishing the performance of an ad.

    The keywords can have one of the next three settings of the quality score:

    -    excellent – the keyword is relevant for the page, so there is no need for improvements
    -    good – the keyword is good, but you can benefit of a better score
    -    weak – this keyword is not so relevant for users, and the quality score need to be improved

    The evaluations would help you to determine if the keyword is relevant, and if it has a good Click Through Rate. The factors that affect the quality score could be:

    -    the history of the content – if you have an AdWords account with a good score (age, previous campaigns, lots of money spent), your ads will have a better price and CTR
    -     the relevance of the keywords for the commercial – the keywords must have a good relevance for their respective ads
    -    The geographical elements – if a keyword is specific for a certain country or area, it will cost less to advertise through that word in that area. 

    By following all those indicators and by establishing a good plan, you can create a successful AdWords campaigns that would bring the expected results.


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