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    Tuesday, 10 December 2013

    How to Get Free Traffic

    With this ailing economy, there are still some effective ways to get free traffic. Quality traffic is the backbone of any successful website and the dream of all webmasters. Traffic is also an ongoing process and you cannot expect to succeed just because you got traffic once or twice.

    If you want to succeed, constant traffic is what you should work on achieving. Below are some effective tips on how to get free traffic:

    SEO – search engine optimization is still a major way to get free traffic. It is for this very reason that all webmasters strive day and night to get into and to remain in the good books of major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. If you are not skilled and educated at SEO, consider hiring the services of a SEO consultant.

    Twitter and facebook – twitter, facebook and other social networks can be used to get free traffic. Work on being popular in such sites and you will soon get some amazing traffic that can even surpass traffic from some search engines. This can be difficult but once you have a reasonable number of followers, they will in turn start recommending you to their friends and relatives if your services/products are any good.

    Offer a free product or service – free samples will always attract a crowd. Look for something to offer freely and you can be assured of an improved flow of traffic, but only if what you are offering is useful.  Free samples need to be related to your niche so as to attract your targeted traffic.

    Remember that internet users do not consider articles and tips free samples; you must come up with a free product or service. As soon traffic starts flowing in for the free sample, it will get tempted to visit other sections of your website as well.

    Offline tactics – offline tactics refer to the strategies you can employ offline to get free traffic. Some of these strategies include selling t-shirts and other merchandise with your logo printed on them to popularize your brand. You can even print your website’s URL on your business cards to give away. Some people even put stickers with their URL on company vehicles.

    Another idea would be to use word of mouth. Ask your friends and relatives to recommend your site to their friends and relatives. If you offer quality products, your website will soon start enjoying a nice trickle of traffic just from recommendations.

    There are many other ways to get free traffic like exchanging links with other websites in your niche, however, makes sure to avoid collaboration with “bad neighbors” or sites that are known for being spammy.


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