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    Saturday, 21 December 2013

    How to increase web pages loading speed?

    Website speed has great importance in SEO because Google considers it while ranking websites. Following are certain strategies and tips that can be used for increasing the load speeds of pages and reduce the wait your visitors can face while navigating your website.

    Get A Fast Web Server

    If your web server is slow, your website will be having slow speed automatically.  Contact your webhost and move to a fast server or even get a dedicated sever. A fast server will have additional cost but do not forget that a slow server is already a great set back.

    Streamline Your Code   

    Ensure that your website is using minimum clean code which is an ideal way to reduce the sizes of page files and load speech of each page. This will help in increasing the website speed and performance.

    Optimize Your Images

    When you use images, ensure using correct type of image format. Different types of image files have different goals depending on whether you are displaying a photo, an image with few or many colors. Use the right type of file for right image type to create an optimized format.

    Move JavaScript and CSS files to external files

    Cascade Style Sheets as well as Java Script files must be moved out of HTML and placed on separate documents. This helps all JavaScript and CSS code to be downloaded and applied on each page on a single time rather than the content duplication of similar code on each page.
    While there certain reasons for keeping some CSS and JavaScript on the page, moving it off can make sense when you try to streamline code.

    It is a better idea to place CSS on top while JavaScript at the bottom.

    Use “Include” Files For Duplicate Content Sections

    “CSS” and “include” files can help in significant reduction of wait times. On top of that, they also help in speeding the amount of time that is invested in making the edits on your website. The time spent on the CSS based website development with only include files is worth the time saved on the development end in future.

    Implement CSS Sprites

    When you are using different images together, you can utilize CSS sprits for combining them in a single image download. By reducing downloads, you can reduce the pressure on server and make the downloading process very quick.

    Use Page Speed Optimizer

    Google offers an insight tool for checking page speeds that will give you suggestions on things you can do for increasing your page speed. Most of these suggestions will cover things that are mentioned before, plus many more that you are not probably familiar with. Mostly these issues are dealt with by search engine optimizers or developers. So make sure that there is one for helping you out in getting the perfect insights.

    The speed of the website may seem to be a small thing but it can even result in a lost customer.
    Therefore, make sure that you give enough importance to it.


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