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    Saturday, 21 December 2013

    How to lead the SEO battle?

    With the growing popularity of SEO and its use as the most viable method of business promotion, there is much talk going on for the ways to win the search engine battle. 

    Even it may give professional image of a services provider; we are familiar that a well-designed website is not enough in these days. It is like having the best weapons with you but no ammunition. In order to achieve the crucial 1st position on the search engine; informative, relevant and keyword rich content is very important component of SEO battle plan.

    Firstly, the website content can provide firm foundation to build the optimization strategy. This content must be entertaining and informative and should incorporate the key phrases that you are eager to bring on top of search results.

    The use of keywords is tougher than your imagination. Simply stuffing these keywords is another way to spam and will be penalized by the search engines.

    In order to stay in the highly competitive industry, those who take these ranking easy are in great danger. The creation of static web content is not likely to produce desirable long term results. The latest methods of adding content need to be devised and this content must be distributed in an excellent way.

    The use of articles and press release alone are used as tools for business promotion. But if linking is done in an effective manner, then the organic link building method can be used to drive traffic to your website. The quality backlinks can become a great way to redirect traffic to your website.

    Blogging and RSS feeds can be utilized for achieving maximum search engine performance. Google loves fresh ad regularly updated content and this content gets frequently indexed. If written well and not used for key word spamming, they can stimulate a debate among the audience. This debate can often go viral and help in getting quality traffic.

    Uniform resource locators of your website must be in conformity with the search engine optimization rules. Don’t forget to include important keywords in the URLs. Make sure that the links are SEO friendly. Prefer to use dashes instead of underscores in the URLs as the crawler likes dashes and notices them immediately. Internal website interlinks can help the audience to visit the desired page directly from the home page to get more traffic.

    Make sure that links are in working condition and bring the users immediately to the desired pages. Remove the broken links as they are not liked by Google at all. The domain name of your website must contain relevant keywords if it is possible. Create HTML or XML maps. Submit these updated maps to the search engines and make sure that these are updated in proper manner.

    The constant efforts to attain high rankings of your website in the search results can be eased if SEO basics are implemented in a perfect manner. If your website is not optimized properly, then you are missing out greatly.


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