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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    How to make Google Authorship work for your website?

    Google started authorship for the elimination of duplicate and spam content. It assists search arch users view high quality content that is completely relevant to their search formed by the industrial and niche authorities. Authorship is awesome as it shields the work of authors and builds the credibility of the authors online at the same time. Google displays all the information of author in search results.

    Authorship has been a very huge topic in the world of SEO for quite some time and rightly so. Authorship not only makes your entry seem more human to the Google visitors but also it assists others to search all your work online very easily. The authorship is also ideal to make your positioning as an authority in front of Google bots. It is termed as a future of search and the time for making your worth as an author has instigated now.

    A search engine optimization and content marketing plan is crucial for ranking your content. Websites must offer highly engaging content in the form of effective blog posts, strong product pages and much more to get better page ranking

    How your business can use Google Authorship?

    Authorship is another tool that you can use for driving website traffic and improve page ranking in the search results.

    Here are two ideal ways to use Google Authorship:
    -    Instead of searching for an author for content development, designate the responsibility to any resource within your company to create best content and send it to the leading online publishers. You will reach wide audience and improve brand awareness. The publishing websites must link to your website and author. You provide a link to the article on their website. It is a win- win situation.

    -    A name and face attached to content helps in building trust and confidence that ensures better engagement among authors and readers. As a result a high click through rate is produced automatically.

    According to Google, authorship delivers the following benefits to niche and industry authors:

    1.    View your content analytics in search.
    2.    Validate and compare your content in the search results.
    3.    Get more followers on Google Plus.
    4.    Help reader explore all your content.
    5.    Assist web users to find very high quality content and grow engagement with authors through Google plus.

    How to get Google authorship?

    Google loves authorship as it helps it to identify that content is of quality and is original. Google Authorship is all but relaying a more human side of the content to help users find something genuine and stay form the fake content.

    Google provides instructions for getting the Google authorship that are detailed as under:

    -    Have a profile photo on your Google plus account.
    -    Ensure that a byline along with your name appears on each content page.
    -    Make sure that your byline name matches Google plus name.
    -    Ensure and verify that your email account is on the same domain as your content.
    -    Sign up for the process.

    Google Authorship is the latest trend in content marketing and you need to opt it for getting range of benefits.


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