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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    How to transform Facebook fans in promoters of your business

    Facebook has become one of the most important methods to promote online ideas, and people that observed the huge popularity of this network have their own businesses based on Facebook marketing. If you have a site or simply a business that you want to be promoted, using Facebook might be a good idea. Here are some advices about turning the Facebook fans into promoters of your brand.

    So, you have gathered a considerable community around your brand, you have thousands of Likes on your page and people are talking about your products with their friends, sharing your status on their walls. However, even if we are talking about some useful Facebook fans, there is a long way until you can call this page a reliable marketing option. The hard part begins just now. You will have to transmit information to your Facebook fans, to keep them entertained with discussions, and to make sure they are not leaving.

    On Facebook, the word is spread instantly. However, a negative aspect is more popular than a positive one. You can be sure that your newest sport shoes would not have a greater impact than some rumors about your shop having delivery problems. The Facebook fans are great for a positive image, but they are also a huge problem when they start posting negative reviews about your products. The painful part is that those rumors must not even be confirmed. They will begin with “I think this store cheats its clients”, but after a few posts, it will be transformed into “Warning! This store cheats its clients!”. This is why sometimes you must be careful about your Facebook fans, and to “fight” any negative comments with all costs.

    You will be able to see how people interact with your page, and you will have great methods to communicate with them. The greatest part of Facebook fans is that 5000 likes on your page in fact means exposure to about 30 000 people on average. Why? Because your product ads will be posted on the walls of your fans, but also on the pages of their friends.

    You will need to detect the most important Facebook fans you have and to keep a tight connection with them. Those people are able to bring you even more exposure, allowing you to reach people and areas of the globe where you don’t have access normally.

    How to make a difference between a casual fan and a faithful one? The casual fan only allows you to post on his wall. He will like your posts, he will even comment, but he will stop here. The active fan is the one that shares your products, posts them on their friends walls, recommending what you sell. Those fans can be rewarded with Facebook contests and giveaways. For that, a customized page made could have a great impact. Customer pages are developed with Facebook tools, but this engine is not simple. If you want a Facebook app created for your company, you need to hire specialized programmers.

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