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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    How to Write Good Content

    Writing content is the best method to expose your business through the internet. It is the best marketing tool that you can use. Webmasters that know what to promote online, and which know how to write about their products, are usually the ones that sell the most.

    Here are some advices that would help you to write better content

    1. Write to serve

    Before writing an article, ask yourself what problem do you want to solve. A common problem is the result of something missing, like money, trust, or only the power to enjoy life. If your article is about those, and you know how to write them, you will surely have the expected success.

    2. Attract the attention fast

    If it is possible, try to “catch” the reader’s interest even from the beginning. The title must take the eyes out of anything else on the page. The first paragraph must also be captivating, like an introduction to the general theme of the article.

    3. Be coherent

    Every article must follow in a natural manner. Although different ideas appear in each paragraph, those should follow a certain pattern.

    4. Use quotes to sustain the main idea

    The quotes of famous people and specialists are great to sustain ideas. Those help to highlight especially divergent ideas, which are the most appreciated by readers.

    5. Short paragraphs

    Ideally, a paragraph should have 4-6 rows. Readers prefer short paragraphs, because those are easier to read, and people will understand them better.

    6. Inspire the tendency to action in your article

    Even if your article is not about solving a common problem, give people ideas and practical suggestions to make something. Keep in mind the formula Knowledge + Acton = Growth

    7. When it is possible, connect your article with everyday activities

    This helps your ideas to get close to the activities of the reader, making him or her feel as you are trying to solve one of their problems. It will be easier for the respective person to apply your ideas in their lives.

    8. Don’t forget the resource box

    A simple frame with a summary of resources and a few words about the author is a wonderful display for an article. Make sure to include your URL and your email with an invitation to be contacted.

    Of course, certain frequency of writing is required. If you can’t write every day, at least try to write when you have spare time. WordPress and other publishing platforms allow you to schedule posting. All you need to do is to use the Scheduled Posting feature available in WordPress, and to schedule the time of release.

    Don’t post many articles at the same time. It will look like spam for search engines and readers. When you have many articles, schedule their release with a higher frequency.

    Good articles are the base of every good website. As you improve your writing, it is always a good idea to return to the old articles. See if those are updated in terms of information, and modify those according to the new trends.


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