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    Tuesday, 10 December 2013

    How to Write a Meta Description

    Those who use WordPress and other higher sites must already be aware of what a Meta description is and how it works. However, for the beginners, your Meta description is a short description of what your article is all about.

    These descriptions do not appear on the reader’s page which is why they are called “meta”. This is because they are only meant for the source code of your page. Whenever a search engine crawls into your website, it will read your Meta description so as to have an idea on what your content is all about. If after reading this short description the search engine decides that your content is relevant to a particular user’s search, your page will appear on that user’s search results.

    Writing your Meta description

    The ideal Meta description should only be a single sentence that consists of a general idea on the information in your web page. If you use WordPress, exploit your WordPress homepage to give readers an overview of what to expect in your site.

    For your individual post page, describe your content very briefly.

    How to Insert Your Meta Description in Wordpress 3.0 Manually

    Regrettably, WordPress will not automatically insert your Meta descriptions in your site. This is because they don’t have a default tool to do this. This being the case, it is up to you to add your description on your page.
     If you are not willing to add more features to your WordPress installation, you will have to access your server to edit your HTML manually. Use the header information to guide you and you can expect the search engines to notice your description next time they happen to pop in.

    How to Get WordPress Plug-Ins for Adding Your Meta Descriptions

    For WordPress users who don’t want to keep adding their descriptions manually through their HTML, there is a way out. Just go to admin control panel and click Pluggings >Add New> enter Meta description and click Add Pluggings.

    A long list of available plug-ins will appear and you can choose one that appeals to you.
    Doing this will enable you to add your Meta descriptions without having to edit your HTML. WordPress also offers 277 plug-in options for publishing dates. To choose the best, just read their descriptions and their ratings. To successfully add your Meta description, read and understand the instructions from the manufacturers of your preferred plug-in.


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