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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    Leads Generating – A New Method To Sell Online

    Well, there are only a few people in the online world that really know how to generate good leads, but this does not mean that we can’t have an opinion about it. What we do know is that this is a great method to sell.

    What is Leads Generating and how can it help?

    A simple method to define leads generating would be: I bring something on your website, or at your door, and you must decide what to do with it. A potential client brought on a website or in a company must be converted in a buyer by the webmasters, or by the sales team of that company. The success of sales stays in the capacity of the sales people to convince.

    This is not the problem of the person that brought the client, because a simple rule says that the respective visitor has the intention of buying. There are some exceptions in which the leads generator has his share of guilt if the visitor does not buy. However, we must start our idea from the fact that people want to make money, and that the visitor is somewhat interested about the product that he sees.

    What Leads Generating methods are known?

    Well, everything that is connected with online or offline marketing can be considered a part of lead generation. We won’t talk about the technical details for convincing a certain client to buy. Here is the scenario:

    We have a client that produces bricks online. How is that possible? A company selling bricks looks for clients online, especially when the majority of potential bricks buyers can be found on construction sites, not on the internet?

    A good leads generating company can bring clients from the online world even for companies that are not so related with the internet. Those visitors must only be sent to an area of the website that converts, where it is expected for those to make a request, to complete a form, or to sign up for a newsletter.

    For example, people that are brought from the offline world to a website, with printed materials, phones, TV and with direct mail can be transformed in online buyers. It is important for the website of that company to have a special page for clients that want to interact with the website. From here, it is the responsibility of the company to convince the client to buy a certain quantity of bricks.

    If it is that simple, why would we use other techniques? There is a risk in lead generating. Even if a marketer is able to bring the required number of visitors on the website of the client, those might not convert if the respective company does not have the capacity to sell. This is why the leads generator can be considered guilty for not bringing visitors that are sufficiently interested about those products.

    Leads Generating is made today through affiliate marketing, but also by bringing visitors from the offline world on the websites of clients. Social networking and paid campaigns are other methods to generate leads. A smart marketer using this technique will have to combine all those methods to bring visitors for his clients.


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