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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    Loyalty of Clients and the Secrets of Loyalty

    One of the things that are not discussed as they should in the online world is the loyalty of clients. So many companies are interested about sales, but they don’t care if those sales are made to a client for several times, or if they are made to many clients that buy only once. Online marketing is a complex world today, and one of its important goals should be the fidelity of visitors.

    How do you reward loyalty?

    Try to see your visitor not just like a simple person visiting your website once to buy something. In your analytics section of Google, you have the New vs. Returning visitors, which are important not only to determine the success of your website, but it is also important for Google for establishing the hierarchy of websites in the online world. The returning visitor validates a website, as this means that he found relevant information on it, and this is why he comes back whenever he wants to read more about the respective topic.

    If you could see the profits, those are mostly made by the returning visitors. Those make comparisons, visit other websites, and they return to yours because it is the best.

    Pay special attention to the returning visitor. You don’t need anything special, just a reason to make him come back.

    Examples? Besides the traditional wishlist that you can build on your website, a returning customer should have personalized functionality to buy or follow. Try to think like a buyer. Wouldn’t you like to reserve a product before buying, for a certain period, until you are able to make a decision? As a webmaster, you should offer this facility for clients that bought products from your store before.

    Other personalized elements are the newsletters, which should address directly to the customer. “Dear Mr. Jake” is a nice way to talk with clients when you send them a list with new products, so how about addressing all your newsletters directly to the respective person? It is not even hard, as long as you have tools at your disposal to send personalized mails to subscribers.

    Use SEM services

    How about differentiating the constant buyer from the others that only come once? Those deserve more attention from your side, as they are the base of your business.

    It is simple. After a certain number of products bought, or after spending X dollars on your website, you can change the profile of the user, and you can treat him differently. Add new options, offer discounts, and show that you care about the client just as he cares about your website.

    Social Media has become a powerful tool for selling. You can use it also to distinguish the most important buyers from the others. A buyer that Likes your Facebook page will see your products directly on his wall. As you gained the trust of that buyer already, you can kindly ask him to share your posts to his friends. He will do it for free, as he knows that his friends would like those also. For that, you will have to care about your customer, to let him know about your latest offers, and to give him special discounts.


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