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    Tuesday, 10 December 2013

    LSI Keywords

    LSI keywords when used appropriately can do wonders for your search engine rankings. For those who don’t know, LSI stands for Latent Semantic Index and they work like regular keywords with the difference being that you will be now optimizing for a collection of words.

    Google and other search engines always try to come up with more relevant results for their search queries. Since it would be a bit difficult for them to determine what your content is all about, they will use your LSI keywords to judge how relevant your web page or article is to a particular search.

    This being the case, these keywords can be expected to increase your rankings since you will be optimizing for a larger scene.

    Below, we are going to discuss the benefits of these keywords:

    Spam – LSI keywords can protect your website/blog from being labeled as spam. This is because they allow you to optimize your site without necessarily using the same word again and again. LSI technology enables you to optimize a number of keywords that are closely related to one another. This makes it possible for your site to get linked to a wide number of search results.

    Diversity – these keywords allow you to use them in diverse arrangements since they can even add up to six words. By arranging them differently throughout your text, you will be adjusting to various search terms used by internet users.

    Great content – seeing that LSI keywords enable you to optimize your site without repeating a keyword persistently, readers will be in a position to enjoy your content. We all know just how weird and foolish keyword-stuffed articles/documents sound. With great content, you will tempt readers to stay longer and to make repeat visits.

    Fresh content – with LSI keywords, you will be able to keep your website content fresh. Major search engines ignore “stale” websites. A website is considered stale when it has gone for a long time without being updated with fresh content. These search engines love fresh content and the LSI technology allows you to do exactly that. This is because these keywords will allow you to use them again and again as long as you rephrase them differently. This means you can say the same thing time and again using these same keywords as long as you can rephrase them appropriately.

    Examples of LSI Keywords

    If your main keyword is “weight loss supplements” You could use slimming capsules as your LSI keyword.
    If your Main keyword is “SEO” you can use “optimization” as your LSI keyword.


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