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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    Mobile websites optimization

    Many believe that optimizing mobile websites is not a necessity, especially because of the buzz created by social media and apps on those devices. However, it was confirmed that site optimization for mobiles must be done, especially by webmasters that want to use those platforms as new methods to attract visitors.

    Is there a market?

    Yes, it is. Half of the mobile phone users access the internet through smartphones. Considering that the death of simple cell phones is near, specialists estimate that mobile websites will be a necessity soon for any browser based website. The number of searches made from smartphones is bigger every year, and considering that nine out of ten searches made have an action as result, we can say that there is a market for mobile websites.

    Mobile optimization practices

    Some traditional SEO practices for website optimization are good for mobile sites, but it is not enough.

    A mobile website has to respect the basics standards in terms or accessibility, as the eventual errors could affect the way the site looks, and the experience of visitors while visiting the website. The W3C rules for websites can be considered guidance for creating good mobile websites. 

    Create dynamic pages, using OS detection. This is a script added to mobile website, which detect from which operating system your website is opened. This way, your website works just as well on Safari, Google Search for Android, Windows Mobile or any on any other operating system.

    Subscribe your website to search engines dedicated to mobile sites. This way, you will get links to your pages, but just like in the case of the browser-based websites.

    Optimize the titles of pages using relevant keywords that would reach a large mobile audience, and try to create an attractive landing page. The landing page is the first experience that a visitor has with your mobile website, and this is why it is important to look great. Mobile users have different reactions, but the decision to continue browsing (or not), is made by the visitor considering the landing page.

    If you don’t have automatic redirect for people accessing your website from smartphones, the link to the mobile version must have a “mobile” anchor. Visitors will interpret this as a signal that there is special content made especially for the mobile website version, so they will access it. This link must appear in the left upper corner, as the right side is “cut” on some mobile phones. If you put the link to the mobile version there, the mobile users of those phones will not notice it.

    The results of searches are the same on browsers and phones, as the mobile websites don’t get special treatment. This is why you need to check the statistics of your website often, to determine how many users access your website from mobiles.

    The mobile website is recommended for online stores. In this case, the mobile website must offer all the facilities offered on the browser based website: shopping cards, navigation tabs, and payment methods. The mobile website is a marketing tool also, as it will give your business a professional aspect. 


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