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    Tuesday, 10 December 2013

    Paid vs. Free Optimization

    Before starting any SEO activity, with AdWords campaigns and any other methods, it is essential to make sure that you can convert as many visitors as possible into clients.

    Web marketing will have the expected results if the site looks great. In other words, you will have more clients and you will be able to increase your profit margins if the website is well made and optimized. Of course, it must also be promoted online through different methods.

    No matter what kind of optimization you choose, some common activities are required before starting any kind of SEO. Well, some of those are actually a part of the SEO arsenal, but we like to consider those as per-optimization techniques.

    On-site Technical Maintenance

    - Design and reliability –
    The website must be designed to fit the requests of the clients, and it must also be fast. Usually, this means to have good hosting, and to make sure that the “data” transmitted to visitors is well structured. Well, those are technical matters that should be discussed with the designer.

    - 404 Pages -
    Let’s assume that you write an article, and then you decide you don’t like it. You remove the article, and you write a new one, with another title. The WordPress and Blogger engines are able to delete those old links automatically, when you delete the article, but for a customized site, you might need to remove the link of the article manually.

    When you are sure that there are not bad links and flaws with your website, you can think about paid or free optimization.

    Free Optimization

    The free optimization is not actually “free” because you will pay money for that also. However, it is not like paying for publicity. In this case, you will have to pay a SEO specialist that would perform different tasks on your pages. He will start on-site SEO, removing bad links, finding keywords, and optimizing tags and meta tags. Then, he will create backlinks for your website and references from other websites (off site SEO). If you want Social Media marketing, you will have to pay more. This is called “free optimization”, because once it is over, you will benefit of free traffic for a long period, at least until Google decides to change its algorithms…again.

    Some might ask: Why would I pay such a specialist as long as there are no guaranteed results, and even if there are results, they might be lost? The answer is simple: because you have to. It is practically impossible to stay on the first pages of Google results for certain keywords as long as your website is not optimized organically. Moreover, even if your website is affected once in a while by the sudden changes of Google, it will be easier to repair it, instead o starting another SEO campaign from scraps.

    Paid Optimization

    Paid optimization refers to the ads that you buy on AdWords, Facebook, and with other Add Placement services. The advantages are obvious, as you will get guaranteed results, and you will pay for what you get. The disadvantage is that the results will only last while you pay, obviously.

    A solid website that needs competitive advantage is the one that can combine those advertising methods, with the goal of enhancing the image of the service everywhere! The website will benefit of a constant string of visitors because of organic SEO, and whenever an important product needs to be promoted, a PPC campaigns would be perfect!


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