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    Tuesday, 10 December 2013

    Products Describing – A Key Element for the Conversion Rate

    Products Describing is a topic connected with content writing. The webmasters that want to sell need to know how to describe their products. The online buyers are influenced by visual elements, which would create interest, but the decision of buying is made AFTER reading the description of the product.

    The description must be written considering the targeted audience. Let’s assume that you sell industrial machinery. Your target are managers of major manufacturers, engineers and specialists, so by saying that a machine “makes paper from wood”, you will only offend your audience. On the other hand, if you sell toys for kids, by describing the dimensions of the product (15x12x17’’) or by talking about the “polyester-plastic” chassis of a remote controlled car, you will only bore those kids. Make sure that the descriptions of your products can be understood by the audience that you want to reach.

    Let’s take the example of clothes online, which can be deceiving. You might see a photo of a suit that you like, and you want to buy it. However, you know that images are not always right, so you would want to read more about it: what dimensions are available, what other colors you might like, if there is a possibility to change the product, or if it is made of quality fabric. Without those, the intention of buying is affected. We will never spend 3000$ on a suit just because it is a “D&G”, without further details.

    Hint 1: The products descriptions are treated differently by Google, which wants to make a clear distinction between the same products, offered on different websites. This is why the good REVIEWS and DESCRIPTIONS will always push upper on the Google scale.

    Hint 2: Use long tail keywords in products descriptions. This is useful for both SEO and PPC campaigns. “Long blouse” is probably a heavily optimized keyword, and you will never reach the first page of Google with your small store for that word. Moreover, it is also expensive if you want an AdWords campaign based on it. On the other hand, “long blouse with short sleeves” hits fewer searches on Google, but you have more chances of grabbing a part of the people looking for those words. In addition, a PPC campaign on this long tail word is cheaper, and it can have better results.

    If you want to use affiliate marketing to allow other websites to promote your products, solid long tail keywords will help your affiliates to create better reviews for your products. As we are talking about affiliate marketing, here is an important hint for owners of virtual stores:

    3. NEVER allow your affiliates to use the same keywords as yours. Otherwise, you risk for those websites to rank better on Google searches than your store does! Well, maybe it will not hurt, as long as the respective website promotes you, but isn’t it a pity to lose those visitors that would have been direct customers? Moreover, when an affiliate feels that he has this competitive advantage, he might want to promote the respective product in his own name, especially if you don’t own exclusive rights for the respective product.

    All those aspects are important for the conversion rate, and you will probably see the results a few days after implementing them for your product descriptions.


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