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    Tuesday, 10 December 2013

    SEO for Beginners

    SEO for beginners might seem like a complicated issue but little by little, you will begin to understand everything. SEO can be described as the act of improving and marketing a website with the aim of increasing web traffic.

    Web traffic is the number of visitors a website receives from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. These visitors can also be described as potential customers.

    SEO has many aspects like the content in your website to the links you might have in other websites. Generally, SEO is simply an act of ensuring that your site is search engine friendly and people friendly too.

    Does Your Site Really Need SEO?

    As a beginner, you must have wondered at one point or another whether your website really needs SEO. The answer is a big YES! While it’s true that other types of traffic like social media can bring in some traffic, search engines are really the internet users preferred means of navigation. This applies to all websites whether they offer services, content, products, information or anything else.

    This being the case, all website owners dream of appearing on the first and second pages of all search results. This is because many internet users only concentrate on the first few search results.  Therefore, the higher your rankings, the better your chances at attracting traffic.

    There are various factors that attract search engines like proper keyword density, website content, META tags, inbound links and so on.

    Understanding SEO can be a bit difficult especially for beginners but this is understandable since the world of SEO keeps revolving. In spite of this, many website owners still understand the basics. But there comes a time when the basics are not enough to help your rankings especially when your competitors are hiring the best SEO experts out there.

    A SEO expert or a SEO company can handle things for you as a website owner so as to ensure that you don’t lag behind your competitors. These companies use different approaches based on the type of website they are optimizing. All businesses and organizations are unique and what will work for one might not necessarily work for the rest.

    Some SEO companies will also offer some services that others will not. For example, there are some companies that will offer copywriting services to ensure that your web content is Search Engine friendly.
    SEO for beginners is as simple as understanding that without site optimization, it would be impossible to have possible clients visiting to see what you have to offer.

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