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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    Significant Social Meta Tags for social media websites

    Social media is an ideal way to increase your website traffic. A whole lot of people are using social network accounts nowadays and this trend is expected to increase in the future.

    The use of social media networks in search engine optimization is already significant as you can now create Google plus and Facebook pages for your business for targeting and driving traffic to your website. The ideal way to create professional look of your tweets and posts is by using Open Graph Meta data.
    Open graph Meta tags are new protocols that are designed to help websites in making a better representation on social media networks. Google plus and Facebook use open graph Meta tags.

    How many Open Graph Meta Tags are required?

    There are five open graph meta tags which are important, although you can use a couple less and of course you may even require to add couple more but the following will help in the much needed effect on prominent social media networks.

    Five Open graph Meta tags in the order in which they are placed in the website are as follows:

    <meta property="og: image" content=" /images/buttons/image.png" />

    The open graph ‘image’ meta tag must have the complete path to the image that you need to be displayed when post on a social network.

    <meta property="og: title" content="lucrativeseo title" />

    The open graph ‘title’ meta tag is similar as your webpage title tag. It can however be different as compared to the one you are using as your main title but should in the similar manner relate to the page content and be having the same length as your main title tag at approximately 70 to 90 characters.

    <meta property="og: url" content=" " />

    The purpose of the open graph ‘url’ meta tag is to enable the social networks recognize the particular webpage location on your web site and should enter the complete exact path.

    <meta property="og: description" content="You can add description of up to 300 characters and for Twitter up to 200 characters" />

    The description open graph meta tag follows the same rule as the title tag so it can be different from that of the main description but must relate to the content of the webpage. You can also add quite characters up to 300. Twitter can also use this description and shows up to 200 characters.

    <meta property="og:type" content="yourwebsite" />

    The ‘type’ tag helps the social networks in recognizing the type of content you share. If say you were sharing the main index page to your website then you may use as above ‘website’ however,  if you post a blog then you can use ‘blog’ or an ‘article’ if posting any recent article.

    Meta tags are not for the search engines only. Social media websites are leveraging them to their advantage. Just as you optimize meta tags for getting better search engine rankings and click through rates, you require the same for optimizing your business social media pages.


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