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    Tuesday, 10 December 2013

    Signs That You Are Doing SEO the Wrong Way

    If you are doing SEO the wrong way, chances are that you are not going to go far in this industry. The sad fact is that most bloggers are guilty of at least one sin when it comes to optimizing their sizes. And this is quite understandable if the frequent SEO updates by major search engines like Google are anything to go by.

    These search engines adjust their algorithms every day in a bid to filter out spammers. Consequently, what worked for you yesterday might not work for you tomorrow. You might be getting a nice trickle of traffic today only to find that your blog has completely disappeared tomorrow.

    To ensure that you are always on the good books of Google and other search engines, keep yourself informed through their regular updates.

    Below, we are going to discuss a few crucial signs of doing SEO the wrong way:

    Buying links – most SEO companies will sell links from spammy sites and suspicious social networking accounts. The truth is that Google and other search engines are already aware of such sites and the minute they associate your site with them, you also get blacklisted.

    Article marketing – article marketing might have worked a zillion years ago but not anymore. Back in 2008, bloggers would write an article and spin/rewrite it five or more times. They would then submit the articles to various websites that collected free articles in exchange for a link back to their sites. This is now a dying technique though a few people still practice it. Google now recognizes such tactics as spam and that’s what they are since no human wrote them in the first place.

    Keyword stuffing – keyword stuffing is the act of placing a targeted keyword too many times that the document/article ends up sounding foolish and weird. It is for this reason that search engines no longer put much emphasis on keyword density. If all content in Google sounded foolish and senseless, people would stop using them and Google would rather throw you out than allow this to happen.

    Broken links – broken links are a common occurrence since sites do die, restructure or move with time. But according to search engines, a page with no links is much more valuable than one with broken links. Google Webmaster Tools offers an opportunity to correct all broken links.

    All in all, to get better rankings, simply create great content that might even capture the attention of web influencers and Google will certainly notice you.


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