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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    The Importance Of The Conversion Source

    In affiliate marketing, but also on any website that wants to sell through affiliates, the importance of the conversion source is huge. Some sellers only put some banners in random places on the internet, and then they expect conversions and money. Then, they cry about AdSense, saying that it is not a good method to advertise. The truth is that you are never going to sell mushrooms with a banner put on a gambling website. This is why, as a marketer, you need to pay great importance to the places where your links and banners are put.

    The most important indicator of success for some webmasters is traffic. They compete in analyses, showing their impressive number of visitors, and they don’t care about the quality of clients. Traffic is important as a number, but it is more important as quality.

    Let’s take the example of a website selling gold watches. It might have 1000 visitors a day, but if they come from unreliable sources, the visitors would only admire the watches, closing the website instantly after, outraged by the huge prices. A website of this kind can have 10 visitors a day, but if those are important people with good financial resources, and two of them decide to buy, we can say that the respective website is successful.

    Important sources of traffic that can bring good conversions

    1. Google – organic traffic

    Yes, an organic search has more chances to succeed, if the website is optimized accordingly and if it has the right content. A large number of conversions is made by the traffic that comes from Google Searches.

    2. Reputation – the recommendations from other websites with authority

    What is more important for the reputation of a website? The Google Page rank? It might be, but we are only talking about a general indicator with no relevance whatsoever. Maybe you are interested about the Alex Rank? Yes, it is a good way to classify websites, but a website with a good Alexa rank is not necessarily a website that sells. During the latest years, a new method to measure the reputation of websites appeared. It is called Domain Authority, and it shows how important a website is for a certain niche. It was invented by, and it is commonly used to determine the relevance of a website.

    If you want to increase your reputation, you will have to improve your DA. This is made by getting links from other websites with good DA, in your niche. A link from an authority in your domain is a recognition, and this way, you will increase your reputation also. One unwritten law of marketing is that Domain Authority is directly proportional with the conversion rate.

    3. Email Marketing

    Yes, email marketing is still a good method to convert, but we are talking about real visitors with real interest for your products. If you want to reach those, you need to avoid spam. Send mails only to people that are subscribed to your newsletter, and to people that express their real interest about what you have to sell.


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