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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    The Importance of Landing Pages and Squeeze Pages for Selling Online Products

    When it comes to promoting a product, project, event or idea, every webmaster thinks about a landing page. I also want one! The landing pages have the goal of gathering data or they have selling purposes.

    However, what is a landing page? Not all of them are great when it comes to a punctual campaign. First, there are two main types of landing pages:

    The common landing page

    As the name says, it is a webpage where the visitors “land”. On such a page, there is no sale involved. The user is not asked to complete a form or a subscription. It is only for promoting the benefits and advantages of the product, including photos, videos and tutorials. Besides the landing page, you can send another one where an action is required: to buy, subscribe, or to complete surveys.

    This is the conversion for the landing page. Once the visitors are informed, and they found the subject interesting, they will make the next step towards buying.

    The landing page responses to the informational needs: What is this product about?

    Squeeze page

    Here, you “squeeze” the best out of your visitor. The main role of a squeeze page is to convert. The products, benefits and advantages of the product are also presented here, but the accent must fall on the price. Once the user was familiarized with the landing page of the product, while “landing”, he will not want to see the same details on the next page. The presentation must not be so “fluffy”. The benefits are important. Here, you need to highlight the modality of acquisition.

    The squeeze page responds to the need of buying: Why am I buying this?

    Besides those methods to segment the public, considering the stage of acquisition, there is also another combination of those: the mini-site.

    The Mini-Site

    This incorporates the two types of pages, bringing a lot more information to the reader. Besides the elements of a landing page about the benefits of the product, on a minisite, there is a section trying to convince the reader to buy, just like in the case of the squeeze page. In a minisite, you can put additional information about the product, and you can talk about all the details of it. Even if some buyers are impatient, there is a type of rational buyers wanting to know everything before making the decision.

    On a mini-site, you can write detailed aspects about your company, what does it do, and what other products from your offer you recommend.


    It is possible to convert with any one of those pages, but you must follow a certain plan to convince:

    -    The page must offer a sensation of trust and safety. A visitor must have the impression that he is about to buy something useful. Don’t make your landing page look like a trap. A confidentiality agreement, talking about the reputation of the product and stating the legal aspects of the product will create this image. 
    -    The information provided must be complete, but not to fluffy, as the visitor will be bored. The sensation of trust gained with design is highlighted even more when the visitor feels like in the presence of a friend.

    Those are the main ideas that will make your pages true selling weapons, so how about choosing your type of landing method?


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