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    Tuesday, 10 December 2013

    The secrets of Tags and Meta Tags: How Should We Use Those?

    We always hear about tags and meta tags from SEO specialists, and we know that we need those on our websites, but do we really know what those are? Should you use the keyword in meta-tags? Should you use keywords in Meta descriptions? Is it useful to have the same tags in different articles? What are the effects of meta tags? Here is a short guide about using tags and descriptions for SEO purposes that might be really useful.

    What are the Tags and Meta Tags?

    A meta-tag is a HTML keyword that offers the search engines details about your website or page. There are hundreds of tags that can provide information such as the copyright owners, the “cache” time (the time required for the page to load and save into the internal memory of a computer), the category, and so on. Some websites are advantaged when they use many tags, as this allows the webmasters to control the way information is structured and distributed. Some other websites owners don’t really care about this aspect, as long as the visitors continue to land on the website’s pages.

    Let’s take an educational website as an example. This needs keywords to help search engines in classifying the page, and to help searchers to find relevant information. The tags are required for solid structures of pages, and for obtaining the trust of search engines and readers.

    For example, a commercial website might not need such optimizations. The webmasters of those websites would reduce the number of tags to minimum, concentrating on specific traffic (targeted traffic).

    Meta-tags are extremely useful, as they are used by “web spiders” of search engines to communicate. Those will “tell” the robots how we want the website to be maneuvered, categorized and classified. What matters the most is to use meta-tags only for what is really important. The meta-tags are HTML codes that are shown in the header of the page (after the TITLE tag). Those tags contain information for search engines. They were not visible for readers when they were first introduced, but today, they show up after the title of an article in search results, and on the title bar of the browser.

    In terms of SEO, there are controversies about this subject. Some webmasters say that they are not important at all, and that search engines don’t care about them, while others say that those are important in the Google algorithms. Therefore, should we have those or not? The truth is that they can’t hurt, don’t they? As long as the reader can see a description of the article directly from the search engine, you will have more chances to get the click.

    Should Keywords Be In Meta-Tags?

    The majority of SEO specialists recommend keywords to appear in meta tags, but don’t over react with those. It is mandatory for the keywords NOT to appear in meta-descriptions, because it is considered some kind of “spammy SEO” by search engines.

    The meta-tags and meta-descriptions can be added with the wp-admin for WordPress sites, or with the special CMS used by webmasters to manage their own websites.


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