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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    The Value of a Link For Affiliate Marketing

    Maybe the biggest fear of affiliate marketers is to send free traffic to advertisers. There are many debates about the fact that affiliate marketing does not work as it should, as the systems would only send free traffic to major websites, while the pages that send those links don’t get anything. Of course, the advertisers are the ones that win in this equation. This is why the image of affiliate marketing suffers. Who would you want to start a business as an affiliate and get nothing in return?

    Let’s see the things differently, exactly as they should be, by analyzing the reputed and trusted providers of such services. We will talk about AdSense. Well, this is not affiliate marketing; it is exactly the opposite, so it is wrong to compare those in terms of traffic and targets. The earnings on AdWords are significantly smaller per unit, but the ads promoted this way get a lot more clicks.

    The affiliate marketing has value when you invest time and money. Time must be invested in content, research and writing. You also need to invest money in methods that generate traffic. The content is an important aspect. Articles on certain niches and subjects will have more conversions. You don’t need huge amounts of traffic to make money. You need authority and credibility. The content must convince visitors to buy a product. If you write a lousy article about general subjects, and you display a banner with no relevance for the website, it is obvious that you will make a favor to the marketer. Try to make yourself a favor. Become more credible, write as if you were selling a product, and share your experiences that help visitors to make decisions.

    Each general article that you add will affect your credibility. People will click on banners with no intention of buying, out of curiosity. They are not brought there by the intention to buy, and your website has no relevance for the respective product.

    Reviews are a form of content that could send interested visitors to the respective product. The goal is clear: to send visitors from your page to the website of advertisers, people that were attracted by your description, and which have the interest to buy.

    The relationship with the affiliate marketing service

    An affiliate marketing service is a website that connects websites having products to sell with the smaller websites that want to promote those. Usually, such companies collaborate with several advertisers. This is an advantage for affiliates, as they can promote several companies, and their money will go to their account on the affiliate marketing website. It is strongly advised to choose a single affiliate marketing website, and to stick with it by promoting as many products of the respective service as possible. 

    Many affiliates renounce after a while, disappointed by their results. In affiliate marketing, it is possible to get results when you have only three visitors a month, but usually, it is required good traffic to earn money. The trick is to think about value before thinking about money. It is important to have visitors, so you might think about implementing marketing only when your website is fully developed, and when it has a string of constant visitors every day.


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