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    Tuesday, 10 December 2013

    Top Search Engines and Directories

    Webmaster and other SEO professionals do everything in their power to follow the guidelines of top search engines. Internet users use them to gain information, answers and to entertain themselves.

    So, which are these top search engines that all webmaster strive so hard to impress? Below, we are going to look at the top four search engines so far:

    GOOGLE – Google was established in 1998 by Stanford University students. Started as a school project, it has now become a dominating giant that continues to grow in strength and popularity. AdWords and AdSense programs continue to be Google’s main sources of revenue. In fact, 95% of their revenue comes from advertising accounts. This search engine dominates the US and almost all parts of the world but not all.

    BING – this one was started in May 2009 by Microsoft as an essential upgrade from MSN search. Since this upgrade, Microsoft’s share of this search engine has grown more than double. Microsoft and yahoo have an arrangement where Bing powers yahoo’s organic results, this amounts to about 25% of yahoo’s searches. Their alliance also saw Yahoo’s paid search platform powering the paid results of both parties.

    YAHOO- this one was once a major search engine but has deteriorated somehow due to what can only be described as poor decision making. In spite of this, Yahoo has continued to hold its position among the top search engines. This is in spite of the fact that it doesn’t produce its own organic results.
    These are the three top search engines around the globe but there still are other search engines that do pretty well and they are the following:

    BAIDU – Baidu is a search engine to reckon with in China. It however doesn’t blend organic and paid search, it instead uses a hybrid policy where they pay for performance results. Baidu also offers PPC which works in the same way as AdWords where it is displayed at the right or at the top of the standard results.
    Baidu’s revenue also happens to be relatively high and anyone looking to invest in China should learn more about it.

    YANDEX – this one dominates Russia and it also happens to operate in Russian-language. October 2012 saw Yandex launch its own browser and mobile up to keep up with Google which happens to be their only real competitor.

    Top performing directories include the following:

    •    YAHOO
    •    BOTW
    •    DMOZ


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