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    Tuesday, 17 December 2013

    Ways to optimize your Google Plus Profile to get more business locally

    Research indicates that local customers are using Google plus for local business search. According to a study, 59 percent customers are using Google each month for finding reputable local businesses while 50 percent of mobile searches are done to find local search results and 61 percent of these searches lead to purchase. As more local business are cashing on the Google+ Local business for influencing the rank of business on local SERP for main keywords, you must be assured that more will be on board.

    Here are five proven ways to optimize your Google plus profile locally:

    Develop Customized Business Descriptions for each business location

    When you write the description of business location, always focus on keywords that the target market would be using while search instead of explaining the products and services that make you different from your competitors. Earlier Google limited the number of characters a location could use on its page but the new interface has allowed an infinite number of characters. Still, you must remember to keep description brief and focused.

    Add supplementary Information

    Business photos have a great influence on rankings. Customers will potentially see the primary photo of business, so make sure that it is attractive. For providing Google with an additional link to important information about the business, identify a citation source. Use the photo URLs on the website and load them in to Google business listings.

    Recognize and Remove Duplicate Listings

    Duplicate listings are detrimental for any business because they work against the business. So identify and remove the listing to avoid lower business ranks.

    Identify Third Party Sites to improve Google rankings

    Google uses different off-site ranking factors for determining local results. Not only Google checks if other websites are mentioning the business, it also looks to see if the website has repute. Due to this, it is vital identify the influential third party websites and submit latest information.

    Modify each listing to rank the search terms on a regular basis

    It is significant to keep tabs on Google business listings. The start of the optimization process requires most maintenance.

    Once you start improving your rankings, maintenance will decrease but businesses must track search volume trends that can affect the visibility in a positive or negative manner.

    Measuring Local Impact

    Before optimization, businesses ranked in the top 10 positions for merely 26 percent keywords combinations. Only 9 percent combinations ranked in the top two positions.

    After the enhancement in business profiles, the businesses ranked in top 10 local positions 
    Prior to optimization, these businesses ranked in the top seven positions for only few percent but after optimization the instances increased greatly. Thus there was a visible difference in pre and post optimization of Google plus profile and the local impact provides a clear difference.

    As this study reflects, improving the business Google plus local profile can assist you to rank in top 10 positions and earn more local business online.


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