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    Tuesday, 10 December 2013

    What Is The Proper SEO Density?

    What is the proper keyword density? This is a very common question in the world of SEO. Keyword density can be said to be the percentage of times a targeted keyword or key phrase appears in a web page when compared to the number of words in the said page.

    You have probably heard that overstuffing keywords in a blog post doesn’t work anymore. In addition to this, it doesn’t make sense to the readers.

    Consider the following sentence where “designer watches” is the target keyword:
    Designer watches have become immensely popular of late because designer watches have become quite affordable.

    You will notice that the keyword had been used twice in a single sentence but the sentence sounds weird and totally senseless. A couple of years back, the proper keyword density was said to be up to7% of the total web page. Such pages ranked high in the search results but read poorly. It is for this reason that major search engines removed density checks in their algorithms.

    In spite of this, keyword density is still important in SEO but great content will always be a good practice. This means that a blog post that is easy to read and understand is better than one with a high keyword density but makes no sense at all.

    The best strategy would be to write for internet users and not for search engines. A density of 2-5% should be safe though some bloggers prefer less than 3%. SEOPRESSON advises 3-5% while Yoast WordPress SEO suggests 4.5%.

    Keywords should be used only where they make sense for great content. To optimize keywords further, it would be a good idea to bold at least one keyword, have another in italics and yet another one underlined.

    Other SEO Practices That No Longer Work

    Keyword meta-tags – according to Google, keyword meta-tags no longer matter in their algorithms. This is because of the constant spamming and abuse of these meta-tags. Using them today would only help your competitors in discovering your own keywords. Use your researched keywords in your copy but avoid using them in your source code unless you have a motive to do so.

    Links – buying links might have worked before but since the Google penguin update, it seems they are no longer going to work.

    Content spinning – content or article spinning involves spinning or rewriting content so that you can have two or more copies that have the same meaning but written in a different way. It is possible to spin and publish even a hundred copies of one article as long as they are not considered duplicate. While this trick might still work at some level, the panda update has advised against it.

    When all is said and done, proper keyword density should really be about great content.


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