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    Tuesday, 10 December 2013

    What is SEO?

    In the simplest terms possible, SEO can be said to be an act of driving traffic into your site. This is done by employing a couple of tested and proven SEO techniques. Through this act, a website is able to achieve a high ranking with top search engines as soon as the targeted keywords and phrases are typed into the search area.

    To understand this better, consider your own acts whenever you use the internet to search for information or products. First and foremost, you use the internet because you have discovered it to be easy and fast.  Whatever you type in the search box or area can be described as your keywords or phrases.

    Soon, your search results appear on your screen and you choose to explore only the first few links, maybe because you don’t have much time or simply because they contain most or all of your keywords or phrases.
    That is how SEO comes into handy. You need to do all you can to ensure that major search engines like Google and yahoo rank your website link so high that people keep following it into your website. Therefore, SEO when employed delicately can attract your targeted audience whether your business is smaller or larger than life.

    How SEO Works

    In SEO, what works for my website might not necessarily work for your own site. This might sound somehow confusing but there is no specific approach that will work for each and every website. However, when you begin to understand that all businesses and organizations are unique, then you will realize that each company will need a unique SEO strategy.

    SEO results will take some time to show (possibly weeks not days) but when done properly, they can significantly transform any website by not only improving traffic quantity but the quality of the traffic as well.
    To successfully achieve this, a combination of SEO procedures must be put into practice and they include the following:

    •    SEO strategies – this involves a thorough analysis of your website where areas that need improvement are identified and worked upon.
    •    Keyword research – a through research of your specific industry is performed where the relevant keywords and phrases are identified.
    •    SEO copyrighting – this involves writing content for your website using the researched keywords and key phrases.
    •    Link building – this one involves the creation of inbound links to your website. This enables your website to attain higher rankings.

    The above comprises of the most effective aspects of SEO but there are more techniques that can be used to improve website traffic.

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