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    Tuesday, 10 December 2013

    What a SEO Company Does?

    If you have been wondering what a SEO company does, relax for you are just about to find out. The first and foremost duty of such a company is to treat your site exactly like it was their own. This means that they should never allow any harm to come to your site.

    Other than that, some of the things you are paying them to do include the following:

    Website analysis - while its true that Google and other search engines advocate for user-friendly websites,  they have to be search engine-friendly too if you ever want them to find you. A SEO company will analyze your site for the following:

    •    .xml
    •    Image site map
    •    Robots.text file for directing crawlers
    •    Other relevant technical stuff

    After making sure that the technical stuff is in tip top condition, what a SEO company does next is to check on your content which is known as content analysis.

    Among the most important aspects of your content to be examined are the following:
    •    Poor content
    •    Missing pages
    •    Plagiarism

    Web content is very important when it comes to diverting traffic and generating leads. After your SEO Company has evaluated your current content, they will be in a better position to know the way forward.

    Off page analysis – unlike what most website owners believe, SEO achievement will usually take place in other places other than their websites.  These other places are review sites, online directories, industry blogs and so on. Unfortunately, most medium sized companies don’t do so well in such sites owing to bad customer reviews.

    This is where a SEO company comes in. it should find any negative reviews of your company allover the web and look for ways to transform them to your advantage. This is usually achieved by responding to the bad reviews wisely and making amends with unsatisfied customers. It is also the duty of these companies to comb online directories for any wrong information regarding your company and to do the necessary revisions.

    All in all, a SEO company’s duty is to optimize your site without spamming. To do this successfully, below are some of the things they do:

    •    Organize your website’s navigation for easy access
    •    Clean up your code so it can run much faster
    •    Get rid of any errors
    •    Add an .xml site map to attract crawlers or spiders
    •    Add legal links so as to direct readers wherever you want them to visit
    •    Get rid or rewriting of any stolen copy
    •    Proper keyword density
    •    Adding new landing pages to attract more visitors
    •    Making your website more attractive to attract users.

    These are just some tasks on what a SEO company does, for better results; they should always keep their strategies regularly updated.

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