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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    Why I Don’t Like Your Newsletter

    There are many reasons for which I am subscribed to your newsletter. Maybe you tricked me into clicking on a link, and I did it, thinking that I will get a special offer or something. I was a little upset when I realized that you cheated me, but I was too busy to report you or to unsubscribe from your list.

    Maybe I wanted to buy something from your website, but I decided to wait a little more. I didn’t want to bookmark your website, but I thought about subscribing to the newsletter. Now, you keep sending me those junk mails, trying to convince me to buy your bad quality products. And you still wonder why I don’t like your newsletter?

    Maybe it is not about the newsletter. Maybe I don’t like the way you treat me. I am a constant buyer of your products, I visit your website whenever I need something new, and you didn’t even bothered to congratulate me for my birthday or to give me a lousy 5% discount with this occasion. If I am a good buyer, please send me relevant information on the newsletter, things that interest me, things I like.

    The Newsletter is not a RSS feed You can personalize it, and you can make one especially for me. You have a list of people that already bought from your website, so you already know my birth date, my preferences, and even the place where I live. You can send me a personalized offer containing products that I haven’t bought already, or some coupons, especially because the holidays are coming.

    I know, you send me vouchers and discounts every day, but I want to feel special. This is why I want personalized offers. I am the faithful client, so I want to be differentiated. One way or the other, I am keeping your business running, and you send me the same boring email every week. And you still ask why I don’t like your newsletter?

    Please stop putting the menu of the website in the newsletter. I have visited it tens of times. I know how to find it. If I want something, I will visit it. In the newsletter, I only expect to see what new products can you offer me. Well, maybe a link to the website might be useful at the end, but nothing else!

    Try to host some special contests for me, and for others that are just as faithful as I am. We are amongst your best buyers, so how about creating a special newsletter for this category of clients?

    Besides the newsletter, you can apply other tactics to make me feel special. Make sure that my questions addressed to the customer support are answered in time, and that I receive the products fast when I order. I don’t want to cut the line, but make sure that I don’t have to wait for two weeks to receive my plasma TV.

    If you do that for me, I promise to like your newsletter, and also to send it to my friends that might be just as interested as me about what you have to sell. After all, we need to build a relationship based on trust and professionalism, not on cheating and lying.

    The Most Faithful Customer Of Your Website


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