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    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    Why social media must be part of your SEO strategy- top 5 reasons

     The SEO strategy once revolved around only one primary factor i.e. link building. But today link building has no primary role in SEO. The main reason is that Google has found some more smart ways for measuring the worth of your website known as social media.

    Social media has become critical for your online presence and is often considered as tough pill for new entrepreneurs to swallow. However; the fact is that the old ways to grab audience have come to an end. The new strategy is to be dynamic, interactive and engaged in your market place.

    Here are five reasons why social media should a significant part of your SEO strategy:

    Social media allows content to get heard

    When you create followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google plus, you are actually creating a team of fans who can share your content. That is why social media is all about being social. So when you write any new post for business blog, you can share that content on social media websites and then make some of your followers to share that content. You can also make the website visitors to share website pages and blogs on social media simply by adding social buttons for allowing people to vote for the content right on your website. Surely most of these people may never become the actual customers, but it is not the goal here. You aim is to create a buzz and attention around the website.

    Being social is the fastest way to grow your presence online.

    The problem with traditional SEO school of thought is that you keep busy in building mere signs to your website in places where they can attain no one’s attention. It is quite similar to purchasing a billboard in a desert. On the other hand social media is dynamic world of activity and interaction where things happen consistently in real time. That is why it is important to have presence in social media. It does not mean that you should only have social media accounts where no one posts anything. You have to be active and social. This is most effective way to grow your online presence simply because everyone is here.

    Social signals, the real thing.

    Social signals have become increasingly significant. Google is measuring the plus rate of your website on different social media channels. How often you are sharing content through social channels? How often people visit your corporate website for social channels? How much follower base do you have? Does your website carry social sharing elements for the visitors? Social signals are the new metric for link building that you must be concerned and worried about. Forget about the links you have and start worrying about your strength in the social media world. It really matters.

    Social links drive traffic to your website.

    More than 95 percent of links from SEO link building are never capable of bringing a single new visitor to website. Google realized that web marketers started filling the web with junk and spam for popularizing websites. Majority of SEO companies build link on websites that will never be able to bring an actual customer. They just fabricate links to increase search engine positions. Now that it is not working, you are actually losing money each time you pay it for link building. On the other hand, social links have got the real potential for bringing real ones to your website and there are high chances that these people will turn in to customers.

    Google hates link building.

    The bottom line is that link building is not going to assist you in getting high search engine ranks. In reality, it could hurt you far more than helping you. Therefore, stop building spam links for your website and begin focusing on the provision of value and add value with in your market place. Social media is ideal tool to help achieving that goal.

    So start building a more genuine social media presence today and attain huge success.


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